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Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo

Information about Greco di Tufo

Grape variety Greco di Tufo
Synonyms greco del Vesuvio, greco della Torre, grieco, greco di Napoli.
Grape color White grape
Aromaticity Neutral
Vigor Good
Ripening period October
Productivity Plentiful
Growing areas His election ground is Campania and precisely Tufo, in the province of Avellino; Now it is also common in neighboring provinces and other south-central regions.
History Noble vine of ancient origin. Its cultivation, known since the early days of Rome, took place on the Vesuvian slopes and seems to date back to the I century. B.C. It should come from the "twin amine", a pregnant family of vines of Greek origin described and praised by Virgil in the "Georgiche".
Features ampelographic Leaf: orbicular, medium in size, trilobata and less often pentalobata, petiole breast U with parallel edges or just open; Lateral breasts more or less deep, closed loosely or superimposed on upper edges, while the lower ones are limp and shallow; Corner at the top of the obtuse or seldom acute lobes; Flap just to eaves with revolving lobes; The top of the page, the arachnoid and the lower hairs; The bottom ribs are greenish-yellowish or rarely pinkish to the base, green on top of the page; Convex or plan-convex lateral teeth, broad, slightly pronounced, irregular, mucronate, of green-colored upper, of lighter green below, matte gloss; Bottom bracket; Fourth order ribs not protruding; The median lobe is wide and short. Bunch: medium or small, 12 to 17 cm in length, clasped, cylindrical or slightly conical, more frequently wedged with a well developed wing to give a double cluster, rarely simple; Long peduncle, thin, with the lowered, herbaceous top, the lower part of the rosy color. Acino: Medium or small, spheroidal, irregular, with persistent and prominent navel, circular cross-section, pruinous, gray-yellow or gray-amber peel in the sun-turned part, covered with brown, medium or thick punctuation; Colorless juice, juicy pulp in neutral flavor; Medium or short pedicels, of rosewood green, striking, green; Short, yellowish brush; Separation of the pedicle from the just harder.
Features wine Straw-yellow wine tending to the golden, fruity scent of mature yellow pulp fruit. The taste expresses a structure based on soft and fresh notes, supported by soft softness and pleasant pseudo-caloric feelings, with a long and pleasant aroma persistence.
Notes Resistance to parasites and other adversities: it is quite sensitive to damage to the mildew (more attached to the "Foxtail"); Sensitive to ozone; If cultivated in fresh soils, the grapes are subject to rot; Grapes fear rains near maturation.

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