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Grape variety Fiulano Rosso
Synonyms Chassellas rosa, pinot grigio, traminer rosso.
Grape colour Red grape
Vigour Good
Ripening End of September - early October.
Productivity Regular, abundant and sometimes excessive, so the grapes grow to mature.
Areas of cultivation It is cultivated exclusively in the territory near Vicenza and, in particular, on the Berici Hills and in some valleys of the Eastern Lessines.
History The Friulano Red vine has its farthest origins probably on the land of Aragon (Spain, known as Garnacha) from where it came to Sardinia (named Cannonau, quoted for the first time in the late 15th century) and then to France (Grenache, Gamay) and the Italian peninsula, where it is known as Alicante depending on the cultivation area. The same source line also belongs to the Vernaccia nera cultivated in Serrapetrona. Like Friulano Red it is cultivated exclusively in Vicentino and, in particular, on the Berici Hills and in some valleys of the Eastern Lessines. In this area its presence dates back to the mid-1800s, when, according to tradition, it was imported from a farmer who served in the Austro-Hungarian army. Registered at the National Register of Vine Varieties since 1970, since 2005 is a varietal recommended for the province of Vicenza while it is authorized for those of Treviso and Venice.
Ampelographic features Leaf: larger than medium, rounded, trilobated, with open U-shaped breast and lateral limbs, moderately deep; Glaze on both pages; Wavy flap, lobes folded to the eaves, corner at the top of the terminal lobes almost erect; Top smooth, dark greenish with yellowish-yellow ribs; Bottom light green with ribbed, greenish-yellowish, opaque ribs; Ribs of 1 ° -2 ° -3 ° protruding order. Bunch: more than medium (about 20 cm long), compact, pyramid trunk with 1 or 2 pronounced wings; Peduncle rather large, short, herbaceous, green with pink nuances. Acino: medium, slightly ovoid, regular, with non-persistent navel, regular cross section; Very pruinous, thick but not very thick skin, colored bleu-violet distributed a little irregularly; Juicy flesh, sweet, neutral flavor; Medium, green pedicel, with evident eyebrows of green-brown color; Medium, yellow-pink brush; Separation of normal acina.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The wine that is obtained from the red friulano grape is of transparent color, ruby ​​red. On the palate it is fruity, ruby ​​red, transparent, light.
Notes Resistance to parasites and other adversities: normal; A bit sensitive to winter gels; Subject to a bit of rotting and tinnitus attacks.

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