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Information about Brachetto

Grape variety Brachetto
Synonyms bracchetto.
Grape color Red grape
Aromaticity Semi-aromatic
Vigor Moderate
Ripening period Second fortnight in September.
Productivity Regular, never abundant.
Growing areas It is popular in Piedmont, especially in the vicinity of Acqui Terme.
History Uncertain origin, there is only news of this century. Its cultivation is located mainly in the vicinity of Acqui Terme. There are two types of brachetto known: that of Piedmont, the most precious and most aromatic, treated here and that of Nice Maritime.
Features ampelographic Leaf: of medium size or less, rounded, almost whole or trilobata but with the lobes just mentioned; With petiole breast in lira, almost closed or closed; Lateral veins above V narrow, almost closed; Lower than almost zero; Flat flap, rather thick, bulging; Flat lobby; Corner at the top of the median acute terminal lobes; Irregular teeth with wide base, convex margins. Top of dark green, glabra; Lower light green, glabra; Light green ribs. Bunch: of medium size, of varying shape; Mostly elongated, cylindrical-pyramidal; Sometimes rather tricky; The bunches are rather compact (or very tight); With peduncle rather short, semi-woody to the first knot; Medium-length pedicels, with obvious strings. Acino: medium-sized, subrotus (mostly 13 or 14 mm in diameter) with medium texture peel, dark purple, very pruinose; Rather dense but juicy pulp, colorless juice; Special flavor, aromatic (remember muscat and a little pink); Reddish brush, short. Separation of the acorn from the pedicle quite difficult.
Features wine With the braquet you get a vibrant red ruby ​​wine with intense, aromatic, floral and fruity scent, with delicate hints of rose and wild strawberries. Equipped with delicate texture, the wine shows a pleasant freshness, tannic and pseudo-caloric notes just mentioned, and a slight aromatic persistence.
Notes Resistance to diseases: normal, but rather higher than that of other indigenous varieties; The grapes are resistant to rot, both on the plant and on mats. It does not suck much for winter gels.

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Producer Banfi
Wine type Red sparkling charmat method sweet aromatic
Region: Piedmont
Grapes: 100% Brachetto
Alcohol: 7.00% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
Price HK$ 170.00
Save HK$ 59.50 (35%)
HK$ 110.50

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