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Information about Arneis

Grape variety Arneis
Synonyms bianchetto o bianchetto d'Alba, nebbiolo bianco.
Grape color White grape
Vigor Excellent
Ripening period Third decade of September.
Productivity Abundant and constant, it reaches 150 pounds per hectare on average, against 80-100 quintals of other vines.
Growing areas It is spread mainly in the province of Cuneo, on the left of the River Tànaro, in the Roero area.
History Of unknown origin quoted in 1877 by the Rovasenda in the Sage Ampelographic.
Features ampelographic Leaf: medium-sized, orbicular-pentagonal shape; Not always regular, trilobated lobes, often with five lobes; Petiole breast open (often with tooth); Lateral breasts higher than U and in lira, often with tooth and predominantly closed; Lower U lateral breasts just mentioned. Fleece slightly bent, often with twisted lobes; Corner at the top of the acute terminal lobes; Fairly pronounced lateral teeth of irregular size and rounded shape. Top almost smooth (slightly wavy), dark green color, opaque, glabra with main green ribs; Bottom page light green color, with arachnoid toment; Main ribbed green color (with the accent of rosy color at the base), protruding, order: 1-2-3-4. Medium size bunch (cm 15-17), very compact, cylindrical-pyramidal shape, sometimes winged; Large peduncle, visible for a short stretch, green color. Medium-size, spheroidal, irregular, medium-size, medium-sized, thick, thick, coat-worn peat with a white-yellowish-greenish skin.
Features wine The Arneis appears to the eye of a generally straw-yellow color, with little greenish reflections. The olfactory profile of Arneis is especially fruity and floral. You can hear citrus notes of cedar, green apple with mineral and vegetable notes too. On the palate the Arneis is usually fresh and sapid, medium body, usually balanced and persistent, with mineral closure and sometimes with hazelnut memories. Medium textured, tending lightly.
Notes In general, Arneis combines with light and delicate dishes. Appetizers of both sea-based and vegetable-based, risotto or pasta dishes, always based on vegetables, crunchy dishes, fish in general in delicate preparations, omelettes.

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