Areni Noir

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Information about Areni Noir

Grape variety Areni Noir
Grape colour Red grape
Variety Autochthonous
Vigour Good
Areas of cultivation Areni Noir is a dark-skinned grape variety used to make full-bodied red wines in the Transcaucasus (notably in Turkey and Armenia), the birthplace of viticulture.
Notes With its thick skin, Areni Noir is extremely disease-resistant and is particularly well adapted to strong diurnal temperature variation. This is key for any wine grape cultivated in such harsh continental climates as that of the Transcaucasus, where summer daytime temperatures routinely exceed 100°F (40°C), and drop rapidly to less than 70°F (20°C) soon after dusk. This robust skin not only maintains the grape’s structural integrity, it also helps to retain a degree of elegance and freshness in the grape must.

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Red still
N/A , 100% Areni Noir
14.00%, 0,75 l
HK$ 334.00

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