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Information about Albana

Grape variety Albana
Synonyms albana della forcella, albana del riminese, greco, greco di ancona, albana gentile di Bertinoro, albana della serra, albana della compadrona, albana della bagarona e albana della gaiana.
Grape color White grape
Vigor Very good
Ripening period Last decade of September.
Productivity Good and fairly constant.
Growing areas Its cultivation is mainly concerned with Romagna: elsewhere the various attempts to spread have always yielded poor results.
History The origins are so ancient that it is not easy to distinguish history from legend. The earliest documentary records date back to 1200: it was quoted by Pier de 'Crescenzi (1303) and its merits were emphasized in 1654 by Tanara, who already distinguished the vine in different types.
Features ampelographic Leaf: large, pentagonal, three or pentalobata; Narrow petiole breast or closing with the edges that are often crossed; Upper, deep, open or closed lateral breasts; Shallow lower lateral breasts; Particularly marked lobes, which are lanceolate; Corner at the top of the median lobe; straight; Wavy flap, often a little cup with the lips typically down; Top of dark green, dull, wrinkled or bulbous, glabra; Gray-green bottom page, light lantern-like tomentum spread over the entire flap; Flashing ribbed, pinkish green in color at the base on both pages; Somewhat coarse tooth, sharp teeth with concave margins on one side, convex on the other, distributed in two orders. Acino: medium-sized, spheroid, slightly irregular, circular cross-section, with persistent navel; Golden yellow-skinned skin tending to the amber, very pruneous, a bit thin, not very consistent, a bit tannic; Melted, juicy pulp, of simple, very sweet taste.
Features wine The color of the wine obtained from the Albanian grape variety is typically straw yellow tending to the golden. The scent is well understood and fruity, and the taste expresses a good balance between freshness and softness, with a bit bitter ending. This vine is very well suited to the apple, thanks to which are obtained fine wines, soft and wrapping, with intense scents and articulated in sweet and fruity notes.
Notes Resistance to diseases and other adversities: Prone to nausea and rotting grapes.

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Producer Zerbina
Wine type White sweet from withered grapes sweet
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Grapes: 100% Albana
Alcohol: 8.00% by volume
Format: 0,375 l
Special Features:
HK$ 1,241.00
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