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Whiskey and gin knew their maximum spread about three centuries ago as a result of the sugar cane taxation that drastically decreased the production of rum, until then in first place in terms of consumption all over the world. In conjunction with this worldwide distribution of alcoholic distillates, yes, throughout the US, the spread of small distilleries occurred, among which the gin in Wisconsin. Here began the production of distillates that exceeded the more traditional fermentation of only juniper berries, with the consequent addition of ingredients such as: coriander, aromatic herbs of Wisconsin including anise and fennel seeds and orange peels, lemon and liquorice roots . The gin unlike other distillates, does not undergo any aging process, however for its refinement, it is often kept in oak containers that enhance its spicy flavor and give it a slightly golden color. The gin with its alcohol content ranging from 43 to 45 degrees, remains the most consumed drink in North America. The whiskey Americano is the result of Scottish emigrants looking for fortune to the new continent over the centuries, only partially revisited with typical products of America, such as corn and local rye. The aging process takes place exclusively in oak barrels, which with its aromas, gives the whiskey that intense character, with the sweet notes of vanilla and caramel, far from the more fruity character of European oak. It must be said that today in America the phenomenon of moonshinig is taking hold with the spread of micro distilleries throughout the territory. With this production process, the whiskey does not undergo aging in oak barrels, maintaining a transparent color and a taste more and more similar to the spirit.

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Information about Wisconsin

United States
Soil and climate
Wisconsin has a cold temperate climate, continental, ideal for growing wheat and characterized by rather hot but rainy summers, to the point that the June-September period collects two-thirds of annual rainfall. The winters are relatively dry but very cold (in Milwaukee the average daily temperature in January is -6.2 ° C, but in the extreme north-western average are recorded up to -12 ° C), the winter precipitation is mostly snowy, the The permanence of the snow is usually quite long, even if sudden waves of heat (due to masses of warm and humid air rising from the Gulf of Mexico) can induce early thawing phenomena in the middle of winter, usually the snow remains on the ground from the beginning of December to the first half of March in the southern and central regions of the state, while in the northern and north-western extremities the snow cover may persist until the end of arch. In Wisconsin, spring is a short season, characterized, as in all the states of the Midwest, by heated thermal contrasts between very cold periods, characterized by the descent of freezing air masses coming from the Canadian Arctic, and warmer periods, favored both from the ascent of hot air masses coming from the subtropical regions of the southern USA, and from the strong daytime heating typical of the plains that characterize most of the territory of this state, in late spring, especially in the south-western and southern areas, the tornado. The autumns, which are also short, alternate rainy periods (especially between the beginning of September and the beginning of October) and phases of stable and sunny climate, with mild temperatures, the first advances of Arctic air and the first snowfalls, often accompanied by frosts that, as early as mid-November, can be intense.
The territory of Wisconsin was explored by J. Nicolet (1634) sent by S. Champlain and remained French de iure until 1760, and de facto until 1783, when the British made it to the USA; the sale became effective in 1816. From 1787 to 1800 it was part of the territory of North-West, from 1800 to 1805 of the territory of Indiana, then from 1805 to 1809 of Michigan, from 1809 to 1818 of Illinois, from 1818 to 1836 still of Michigan. When this territory became a state, W. became an autonomous territory, including Iowa, Minnesota, and part of the two Dakota. In 1838 all the part in O of the Mississippi was detached to build the territory of Idaho. Of the Indian wars the most serious was that of Black Hawk (Black Hawk), of 1832. W. was admitted into the Union as a State in 1848; the strong German immigration of that year characterized its physiognomy. Capitals of Wisconsin before Madison (since 1838) were Belmont and then Burlington.
Typical dishes
The American dry gin is a product of the United States on the style of London Dry Gin, using column distillers, but it is less fragrant than the London one. In the production system, cereal distillates are not used, but industrial alcohol is used which is then added with juniper berries or various aromas, such as fennel and anise seeds, orange and lemon zest. It is an artificial product, as alcohol is not obtained from mashing, fermentation and distillation of cereals, but is industrially produced, that is chemically, compared to the original one, and should not find consumers: in essence, its production should not not even allowed.

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