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Information about Texas

United States of America
Climate and soil
Because of its size, Texas has a wide variety of climates, with both precipitation and temperatures varying with latitude and altitude above sea level. Southeast Texas has a humid temperate climate, and has vegetation similar to that of neighbouring Louisiana. Rainfall is over 1,000 mm per year and is distributed fairly evenly over the months, with a maximum in summer and along the coast. The average annual temperature is above 15 °C. Summers are hot and humid, winters cool. The annual temperature range is relatively high, especially inland. Between May and September, these regions are affected by storms and hurricanes, which often cause severe material damage. Typical of the Texan climate are supercells, a very violent and destructive type of storm.
The history of Texas before the appearance of man largely coincides with that of the rest of the world; between 225 million and 65 million years ago, it was also inhabited by dinosaurs, and archaeological findings suggest that at least 16 species lived here. Man did not appear until about 11,200 years ago. The oldest finds are the Midland Man, a male discovered in 1953 in Midland County, a female found in Williamson County in 1983 and a male and a male discovered shortly afterwards near Waco. Because of its massive size and strategic location, Europeans became interested in Texas when they first arrived in the New World. After the conquest of the Greater Antilles, the Spanish turned their attention to the American continent. Perhaps believing that in this unknown land lay the mythical Anián Strait, which was supposed to be a navigable route to Asia, they set out to explore present-day Texas.

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Producer Balcones Distlilling
Spirit type Bourbon Straight Whisky
Region: Texas
Made from
Alcohol: 46.00% by volume
Size: 0,70 l
Special Features:
Price € 34.99
Saving € 0.89 (3%)
€ 34.10
Price ex VAT
Currently NOT available
Not available in United States of America
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