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rum is a distillate of the sugarcane which is usually associated with the Caribbean, especially the island of Martinique, but also the Philippines is a prolific area of ​​production of this product, widely distributed and loved. The most famous rum of this area is the Don Papa, which takes its name from the revolutionary Dionisio Magbuelas, known as Pope Isio, employed in one of the Spanish sugar cane plantations in the second half of the nineteenth century. he fought against European domination. Precisely in honor of his great courage, his determination and the long period spent in the fields, the processing of sugar cane was aimed at the production of a typical rum of the Philippines, different from that of Martinique and the Caribbean, but equally good and with a particular flavor.
The rum was imported by the Europeans during the years of discoveries and territorial conquests (between the 15th and the 16th century) and spread widely both in the New World and, subsequently, in the Philippines, with variations not to be underestimated.
This variety in particular is industrial type, distilled from sugar cane molasses and not directly from the plant, which grows in the Philippines thanks to the humid climate and hot and to the volcanic type soil
In addition to the typical fermentation of the molasses and the distillation of the resulting liquid, the Rum Don Papa has the particularity of being aged in wooden barrels for seven years After this rest period you can enjoy a rum with amber color and intense and a fruity aftertaste and vanigliato. The difference from the Antilles rum lies in the sweetness of the Filipino one.

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The superb and revolutionary Don Papa rum is born from the culture of Filipino luxury and from the memorable deeds of the hero from which it takes its name. "Papa" Isio, the local nickname of Dionisio Magbuelas, was a leader of the Philippine Revolution, who owes the liberation of his connections from the Spanish occupation and the independence of the country at the end of the nineteenth century. The decisive and independent spirit of "Papa" Isio can be perceived tasting this rum in his honor, through the multifaceted sensorial experience he gives.
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Produced 100% in the Philippines, in the fertile southern lands of the island of Negros, this rum boasts a fine selection of raw materials: the sugar cane used are, in fact, among the finest and the sweetest in the world. Aging then for seven years in American oak barrels at the foot of Mount Kanlaon, the largest active volcano in the Philippines, the Don Papa rum is distinguished by a delicate aroma that goes in an explosion of soft and rich tastes, persistent on the palate as a sweet memory. Fruit of an ancient craftsmanship, this distillate is filtered with charcoal, a process that ennobles it, depriving it of tannins and impurities. Great to taste pure in all its impressive personality, it is also recommended to experiment its potential, combining it with cola or in a daiquiri.
Typical dishes
The kitchen has rather sour characteristics: almost everything is cooked with vinegar and citrus juices. Philippines. Rice, mango, spices, fish and sausages to buy at the market and eat on the beach. Spanish, Mexican and Asian traditions revisited and fused with Latin accents. A mix of intense and often unusual flavors. A cuisine not widely known abroad, but it is proposed as a gastronomic crossroads between Asia and Spain, with influences from Mexico - the Madrid colony that for centuries has been the bridge between the motherland and the Asian islands - and from China. Filipinos eat (at least) five times a day, and at mid-morning and mid-afternoon, they always have a snack. The breakfast (almusál) consists of fried rice with eggs and pan de sal (of sweet sandwiches) eaten hot and strong coffee. For the tanghalían (lunch) or the hapúnan (dinner) are served (all together, at the same time) many different dishes: rice, soups, stews, fried vegetables, condiments. The dishes are called according to the cooking method, rather than referring to the main ingredient: so, for example, kare kare is a light curry cooked in a sublime and "silky" peanut sauce. For the snack, Filipinos who are away from home, traveling or at work, have a street food "eden" at their disposal.

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Producer Don Papa Rum
Spirit type Rum
Region: Philippines
Made from Negros Island Sugar Cane.
Alcohol: 40.00% by volume
Format: 0,70 l
Special Features:
€ 33.00
Price Without VAT
Not shippable in United States.

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