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The Michigan is one of the Federal States that belongs to the United States of America, located in the central-western area of the new continent. The State comes in the form of two peninsulas, the first largest is located in the north, while the smallest in the south. The name of the State derives from that of Lake Michigan present in the territory. The State of Michigan is washed by various waters, including extended lakes, the sea and numerous short and non-navigable rivers. The climate that characterizes this land is predominantly continental, with good summers, hot and very humid, while winters are long, rigid and characterized by numerous snowfall. The region is subjected during the year, to the frequent and fierce passage of tornadoes. Regarding the conformation of the territory, it is possible to affirm that the upper peninsula is mostly mountainous, with forests and hills, while the lower one is mainly flat with a conspicuous presence of hills. In these lands we produce one of the best gins in the world, the Valentine Distilling Liberator. Subjected to a long maceration process, it is left to age for two years in barrels made from American oak. The velvety aftertaste is made with an infusion of various woody spices, various citrus peels, juniper berries, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla seeds. The history of this gin began in Detroit during the years of the Second World War and from that moment its enormous success spread it all over the world.

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Soil and climate
The southern and central part of the lower peninsula (south of the Saginaw bay and the Grand Rapids area down) has a milder climate (in fact it falls in the Dfa climate zone which, unlike the Dfb, has the hottest month with average temperature above +22 ° C) with very hot and humid summers and cold but short winters. The northern part and the entire Upper Peninsula have a more rigid climate with hot, humid but relatively short summers and very long and even very cold winters in relation to the latitude. In some parts the maximum temperature remains below zero from December until February, or even March in the northernmost areas. From the end of autumn to mid-February heavy snowfalls of lake origin ("lake effect snow") are frequent. Often there are phenomena such as blizzards that can block the cities of this state under several centimeters of snow and extremely dangerous ice storms for road traffic and the supply of electricity. The contribution of precipitation ranges from 750 to 1000 mm per year (even more in some eastern coastal areas), resulting abundant throughout the state. Normally from December to March there is the relatively drier season, while from July to September there is the period that is slightly more favorable to the rains, which however have a fairly regular trend throughout the year.
First visited by the French É. Brulé in 1618, the region had a first colony in Sault Sainte Marie fifty years later, by his father J. Marquette. Assigned to the British for the Paris Treaty of 1763, those lands were ceded to the United States in 1783, but only nominally since the most important forts, especially Detroit, were held by British garrisons until 1796. At the division of the territory of NO (1805 ), the M. received its first territorial order (Detroit was its capital until 1847 when it became Lansing), then consolidated by the action of General Lewis Cass, who was governor (1813-31). Michigan was admitted to the Union in 1837, after the solution of a border dispute with Ohio, thanks above all to the action of the Democratic party, a major local political force. The problem of slavery came up in 1854, and the Republican party was formed in Jackson, which had a very rapid increase. In the secession war the M. made a great contribution to the cause of the Union.

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