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Maule Valley

Maule Valley


Maule Valley is one of the first Chilean territories where vine cultivation is carried out. Chile is a young country and, starting with European colonization, the various European winemaking techniques have been disseminated in its main districts. The Maule Valley has immediately been designated as the territory of choice for the production of wine that over time, from a mass production, has become an area vitivinicola of excellence recognized worldwide. The valley is located in the southern part of the Central Valley and is wide and surrounded by soft hills on whose slopes from the draining soils grow very well the vineyards. The Maule river flows through the valley, giving rise to gravelly and clayey alluvial soils and has a moderate influence on the climate of the area with strong Mediterranean characteristics. The whole valley is mainly characterized by volcanic soils, although there are no alluvial areas in red gravel and granite rocks. The region, 250 kilometers away from the capital Santiago de Chile, is very vast and allows a differentiation in different microclimates very suitable for wines red and white. Well known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and aromatic wines, wines of different qualities are produced in the whole area with different techniques, starting from the traditional ones up to the most innovative ones. Modern vineyards for the production of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Carménère, characterized by brilliant acidity and juicy fruity notes, alternate with old rows and dry crops able to give life to wines faithful to the tradition and highly balanced types Carignano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec .

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Maule Valley

Information about Maule Valley

Maule Valley
Soil and climate
The vine grows on the undulating hills of volcanic, well drained, or silt-alluvial soils, which extend into the mountains, along the coast and the Andes, up to 3000 meters high, where it rains abundantly in winter, while in summer it does not it's raining at all. The long summer, hot and dry, reaches its peak in January.
The Spanish conquerors were the first to cultivate the vineyard in South America and this was perhaps their only good deed. Probably while the first vineyards were planted to satisfy their thirst, first in Chile in 1548 and then in Argentina in 1551. Already in the mid-1500s, Francisco de Carabantes planted vineyards near the town of Concepción, on the coast of the central part of the country. It was a rather mediocre quality vine, País, which the conquistadors had brought with them from Spain. Probably, it is the same grape that in Argentina is called Criolla, and, in California, Mission. Between 1600 and 1700, the development of viticulture was rapid, taking on great proportions. The valley of Maipo is described by a contemporary as a "large garden, where they grow many small cereals, vegetables, fruit and a large amount of vineyards that give excellent wines". After the liberation from Spain, in 1850, cuttings were imported from Bordeaux, and thanks to the fact that this happened before the phylloxera infected the European vineyards, Chile is one of the few countries in the world that were not affected by the aphid.
Typical products
Two hundred and sixty kilometers south of Santiago is Maule, where the vineyards cover almost 28,000 hectares. With the grapes of the old Spanish vine, País, grown on 11000 hectares of fields without irrigation, are made only table wines, while with the help of drip irrigation, the most noble vines are cultivated, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and an ever larger percentage of Sémillón.
Typical dishes
In the Maule region there is a rich and varied cuisine,which is present and is shared by the variousmunicipalities, cities and villages of this area.There are many dishes made with chuchoca (driedcorn and ground). This ingredient is widely used toaccompany dishes like, chicken, pork, turkey casserolesor stews (it is recommended to taste the casseroleoffered in the market of Cauquenes) or veal, in additionto its use in different other stews or as a side dish of potatoes. The motto of maize (corn mote) is also highly valuedin the Maulino kitchen, primarily to accompany beansor stew or to be served as a salad.

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