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(Sea of the Caribbean)

Jamaica (Caribbean Sea) is a tropical Caribbean paradise with an exclusive and unique geological conformation. The aromas of the earth and the tradition in the processing of typical products, make it a distinctive strength from which the famous Rum Appleton Estate Jamaica is born. Jamaica (Caribbean Sea) exports its Appleton Estate worldwide, a brand that represents the oldest working distillery of the island's sugar plantations. The peculiarity is that this Rum is produced exclusively in the Nassau Valley estate, where different varieties of sugar cane are grown. Just the characteristics of the territory and the particular climatic conditions, confer the natural aromas that give birth to the exclusive taste of the spirits. The production process of Rum distillates is strictly controlled in every single step: from the selection and natural cultivation of yeasts used in fermentation, up to the ancient distillation techniques. The mixing method used carefully follows the quality, and this is what makes the real difference between the Jamaican Rum, produced through continuous research in the culture of drinking, while respecting the ancient traditions. The most prized Rum of Jamaica are: Appleton Estate V / X, with a full bodied and soft flavor; Appleton Estate Reserve, a recipe that incorporates a blend of 20 aged rums, resulting in an intense, delicate and balanced character. Appleton Estate, aged 12 years, is a rum with a strong character and a delicate flavor. The most refined is definitely the Appleton Estate 21 years, aged exclusively in oak barrels, which characterize the citrus flavor and aromas of spices, wood, walnuts and brown sugar.

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Information about Jamaica

Sea of the Caribbean
Soil and climate
The climate is tropical, with high temperatures (23-24 ° C - 30-31 ° C, the minimum and maximum) and very humid (average daily around 75-80%) during half a year, from December to May where we have a drier season, while in November a good part of the rains are concentrated. The pluviometric average is around 2000 mm per year, much more on the north coast of Portland, where Port Antonio is located. The sea has a temperature between 24 and 30 ° C. The months of September and October are at risk of hurricanes. This climate favors the growth of plants like sugar cane and other fruits including tropical plants and even Cannabis sativa.
Discovered in 1494 by C. Colombo, who baptized it Santiago, the island remained a marginal possession in the Spanish empire; the few settlers devoted themselves above all to breeding. The British conquest of 1655, followed for some years by the use of Jamaica as a basis for the race war against Spain, paved the way for the development of a plantation economy (sugarcane) based on the massive importation of African slaves . Until the early nineteenth century, an endemic guerrilla war was waged against the British by groups of runaway slaves (the so-called maroons) who took refuge in the forests and in the impervious regions of the interior. When (1807) the slave trade was abolished, the latter (over 300,000) constituted the great majority of the population; their subsequent emancipation (1834-38) was followed by the emigration of many blacks in the hilly areas of the interior, and by a profound crisis in the plantation economy. The social repercussions of the depression culminated in the 1865 uprising in the Morant region, bloody repressed by Governor E. Eyre. After 1866, when Jamaica was declared a colony of the Crown, a phase of economic expansion began, stimulated above all by the growth of the banana crop, which became the main export product; large plantations were acquired by US companies and trade relations with the USA intensified, becoming around 1930 the country's first economic partner.
Typical products
The rum has a round body, sweet and warm, with an excellent balance between flavors of molasses, caramel and toasted almonds that persists for a long time. It is tasted in purity, diluted with the same part of water to lower the high alcohol content.
Typical dishes
The Jamaican cuisine comes from a mix of African, Spanish and English, and consists of meat dishes, mainly chicken, pork or goat, often cooked in a very spicy and tasty, and accompanied by spicy sauces, rice and beans blacks. Especially along the coast you can eat excellent roasted fish and also accompanied by spicy and spicy sauces. Also excellent are shellfish (including giant lobsters) seafood, and fruit in general, from which you get very refreshing smoothies and juices. Among the drinks are widely spread tea, beer and rum, ancient drink of the pirates that is obtained from the distillation of sugar cane and is one of the Jamaican specialties. In fact, the local rum, even if less famous abroad than the Cuban, in recent years is establishing itself worldwide and is the basis of numerous cocktails.

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