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The gastronomic traditions of Mexico are many, known to the western world especially for the ethnic mixtures that gave life to the Tex-Mex cuisine. A common product in both Mexican and Tex-Mex culture is tequila , a distilled that not everyone knows comes from blue agave .
 In Mexico, the production of tequila is mainly concentrated in the city of the same name ( Tequila , in fact) and in the Mexican state of Jalisco.
 The history of this distillate has its roots in the history of Mexico itself, that is, in the traditions of pre-Columbian civilizations that inhabited the area. Already Aztecs and Maya obtained a similar liqueur from the agave plant, liquor that was then known by the Europeans during their conquest of Mexico, the Spaniards in the first place. It is thanks to their invasion, albeit sad and violent, that we today know this particular distillate. Over the centuries it has been exported and has also spread to the rest of Europe and United States .
 The territory in which the agave is cultivated is divided into two main zones, different for environment and climate: the Highlands and the Mexican Lowlands, characterized by a soil volcanic , red and clayey and from a climate ranging from arid to mite temperate.
 The production of the tequila is mainly done with the central part of the plant, through baking of the same, with consequent release of the sugars, and its fermentation . Then the liquid obtained is distilled, with the addition of other types of sugar or of no other sweetener, in the case of pure distillates.
 Agave distillation carried out in the state of Jalisco is protected by the DOC mark (Denomination of Controlled Origin).

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Information about Jalisco

Jalisco is part of the State of Mexico (80,836 km2 with 6,652,232 in 2005), on the Pacific; capital of Guadalajara. The territory is divided into two parts: to E a vast plateau and to O a low coastal plain. Most of the water is collected by the Río Lerma and its tributaries. Numerous lakes, rich in fish. Along the coast there are tropical products and, on the plateau, products of the temperate zone. Breeding developed. Important mineral deposits (precious metals, lead, mercury, copper, coal fossil). The main railway connects the capital to Mexico City.

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