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The whiskey like gin were born about three centuries ago in the United States of America and in the American colonies. In the middle of the seventeenth century in America precisely in Boston the first distillery was opened. Only later with the note Sugar Act, or following the prohibition imposed by the British on sugar and molasses, the production of rum drastically decreased and its worthy substitute was the whiskey. The greatest expansion of whiskey occurred in Ohio and Kentucky and survived even in 1794 when a tax on whiskey was imposed provoking the rebellion of the soldiers led by George Washington. It is precisely this last at the end of his presidential career, he became one of the greatest producers of whiskey. There are essentially three types of whiskey: the Bourbon, the Tennesse and the Rye. All are born from the fermentation of corn and rye, but while in the first and second corn is the predominant cereal in the Rye, the percentage of rye is king. Today the largest production of this distillate is spread throughout the American continent, especially in California and Illinois. The spread of gin in the American continent and especially in North America dates back more than three centuries. He was born in Holland as a drink with digestive functions based on botanical plants such as juniper berries, sambuca, cinnamon, licorice root and lime or orange peel, often aged in wooden barrels. Thanks to its high alcohol content and its taste dry and not very sugary, it overcame the prohibition period reaching the peak of its production in 1919. Even today its production does not stop to stop, becoming one of the drinks more consumed in North America.

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Information about Illinois

United States
Soil and climate
The Illinois climate is continental: four distinct seasons, with hot summers and cold winters. The weather varies from season to season, is relatively unstable and can change suddenly, especially in winter. Sometimes the temperature can drop more than 12 ° C in an hour. The main reason for this instability is the absence of geographical barriers in the state and its vicinity, which allow the rapid movement of air currents from different directions.
Illinois was explored by the Jesuit Jacques Marquette and from 1673 was annexed to Louisiana, part of the French colonial empire of the time; took its name from a tribe of natives (Ouillinois). The Jesuits founded some missions followed by the fur merchants who opened up various trading bases and permanent settlements (Kaskaskia, Cahokia, Tamaroa, S.te Genevieve). It continued to be part of the French colony until 1762, when it was ceded to England following the Treaty of Paris. In 1774 it was incorporated into the Canadian province of Québec. Passed to the United States since 1783, it was aggregated to the "Territory of the Northwest", until it became an autonomous territory in 1809. It entered the United States on December 3, 1818 as the 21st state. In the period 1840-44 there was the immigration of the Mormons, who settled there for a few years.
Typical products
The American wiskey - bourbon, rye or the others - are: distilled from a fermented mash of cereals with at least 51% of corn (or rye, or wheat, etc., and very often have a higher percentage of the main cereal); distilled to not more than 159 proof; matured to an initial gradation not exceeding 125 proof, in a new and carbonized oak barrel (used barrels may be used, but the label must be different); bottled at no less than 80 proofs, without addition of colorings or flavorings. Also, if they have aged for more than two years in oak, they are "straight wishey"; if they are aged for less than four years, age must be indicated on the label. It is also interesting to highlight what is not required by law. Despite what can be said, bourbon does not have to be (although in most cases it is): made in Kentucky, made from corn and only two other cereals, matured in white oak barrels, matured in oak barrels American. The single malt is wholly aged malt whiskey from a single distillery, at least three years. The straight bourbon whiskey is all aged whiskey coming from a single distillery, at least two years (almost always at least four years).

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Producer Koval
Spirit type Bourbon Whisky
Region: Illinois
Made from
Alcohol: 47.00% by volume
Format: 0,70 l
Special Features:
€ 57.00
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