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(Sea of the Caribbean)

Bermuda is an area located in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Sea of ​​Sargassi, the overseas country belonging to the United Kingdom consists of an archipelago comprising about three hundred coral islets , all of volcanic origin. As regards the morphology of the ground it is possible to state that Bermuda are predominantly flat and do not provide for the presence of reliefs that exceed one hundred meters in height. In the islets there are no streams or large basins. The climate is subtropical with quite pleasant temperatures throughout the year, in summer it reaches 30 °, while in winter the column of mercury does not fall below 20 °. The rains are present in all seasons, sometimes with copious rainfall. On the island of Bermuda, about two hundred years ago the most famous rum was born of the whole territory, Gosling loved and appreciated for its special features that make it very similar to a excellent cognac or an exquisite scotch. For several generations the Gosling family has kept the secret of this precious rum, with a strong and determined taste. Traditional recipes mixed with innovative ingredients have made the Old Rum Reserve a unique distillate, rum is made to age for many years from 16 to 20 in dark barrels, to enhance the flavor and bring the special consistency that distinguishes it from the rest of the products of competition. The production is limited to a few exemplars labeled by hand and bearing the wax stamp.

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Information about Bermuda

Sea of the Caribbean
Soil and climate
The archipelago is formed by the highest points on the edge of the caldera of an underwater volcano that forms a submarine mountain. The volcano is part of a series that was formed in the same process that created the backdrop of the Atlantic and the mid-Atlantic ridge. The upper part of this mountain has undergone periods of complete submersion, during which a large number of marine organisms formed its calcareous cover, followed by periods when the lowering of the sea brought out a large part of the mainland, such as for example during the periods of the glaciations, in which an island was formed whose extension could exceed 500 square kilometers.
The name comes from the navigator Juan Bermúdez who discovered it at the beginning of the century. 16 °. In 1609 the Englishman G. Somers drowned and returned there in 1611, establishing on the island of San Giorgio a colony that served as a station between England and the American colonies. The constitution of 8 June 1968 established internal self-government, leaving the governor, representative of the British sovereign, responsible for foreign affairs, defense and internal security.
Typical products
It is a rich rum, soft and body pine, the result of a blend of rum distilled to Bermuda according to the original recipe. It is the darkest rum most famous among the dark ones. Only enthusiasts can drink it in purity because it is wild and full of Caribbean sensations. It is proposed in grog, a little rum and plenty of hot water, perfumed with lemon peel and cinnamon. In the past it was sold loose and poured into the barrel or bottle of the buyer and was called only blackseal.
Typical dishes
The Bermuda cuisine consists mainly of dishes cooked with roast or fried fish and accompanied by corn, pancakes or rice. Also good fruit production from which you get tasty juices.Between drinks you can easily find the local beer and rum.

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Producer Gosling
Spirit type Rum
Region: Bermuda
Made from
Alcohol: 40.00% by volume
Format: 0,70 l
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