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(Sea of the Caribbean)

The Barbados, today better known all over the world to be the tourist destination of many sea and sun lovers, about three centuries ago were the scene of another story, linked to the production of sugar cane and the enslavement of thousands of men. The first experiments of production of rum in the Americas originated in the Caribbean at the end of the seventeenth century, coinciding with the increase in demand for production of sugar cane, molasses and rum from all over Europe. This escalation of demand led to an increase in slavery as a labor force, and it was the slaves who first discovered that molasses, waste in the refining process of sugar cane, together with alcohol, underwent the famous fermentation process. It is said that the first real rum was born on the Barbados islands. But only later, the distillation of the molasses saw some important adjustments such as the removal of the impurities that made the product a terrible infernal liqueur called also devil sock. It took almost more than a century for Caribbean rum to take on its current taste and color. Caribbean rum as the best known of Havana or Jamaica is among the lighter rums, with soft notes of honey and fruit, and therefore often used to mix fruit-based cocktails or simply to accompany a dessert at the end of a meal. What you get in the Barbados islands is a gold-colored distilled and intense flavor without ever reaching more than 40% in alcohol. For the rest you just have to drink a rum punch, or a mixture of lime, grenadine, bitters and rum aged exclusively Barbados, maybe lying on a beach paradise intent to savor up in bottom the maximum of his goodness.

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Information about Barbados

Sea of the Caribbean
Soil and climate
Climate characterized by the alternation of a dry season (from December to May) and a rainy season (from June to November); rainfall is more abundant in the interior. Temperatures range from an average of 22 ° C in the cooler months to a 30 ° C in the warmer months.Barbados is mainly composed of limestone. It is a tropical island, constantly beaten by equatorial winds. Parts of the interior of the island are covered by large sugar cane plantations. Barbados is one of the Lesser Antilles, located east of the main chain of islands, and the nearest nations are Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The highest mountain, Mount Hillaby, is only about 350 m above sea level.
Discovered at the beginning of the 16th century from the Spaniards, which caused the total disappearance of the indigenous population, Barbados was occupied in the 17th century. from Great Britain. It remained a colony until 1966, when, after the gradual introduction of political reforms in the 1950s, it gained independence in the Commonwealth. From the beginning the political system of Barbados was based on the alternation of the government between the Barbados Labor Party (BLP) and the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), the first more oriented towards a policy of alignment with the United States, the second tending instead to a foreign policy based on greater autonomy. In power uninterruptedly since 1993, the BLP was defeated by the DLP in the 2008 elections, which was also affirmed in the 2013 elections, in which however it lost its solid majority in Parliament; the political elections held in May 2018 have sanctioned the clear defeat of the DLP, which after a decade in the government obtained only 22.6% of the vote, losing all representation in Parliament, while the BLP was awarded 74.5% of the suffrages, and its leader M. Mottley, the first woman in the history of the country, took over from the outgoing premier F. Stuart.
Typical dishes
Bajan cuisine comes from an original fusion of flavors with African, Indian and British influences. A trip to Barbados is also an opportunity to experience an unforgettable gastronomic experience, where you can experience a wide variety of flavors and foods: fish caught in the island's waters, meats of grass-fed and locally raised animals, sweet bananas , rice, peas, succulent dishes of the curry of the West Indies and roasts. The national dish of Barbados is cou-cou and flying fish, immediately followed by the fish croquettes with salted bread, together called affectionately "bread and two". Other popular dishes include pudding and souse, the typical Saturday dish of pickled pork with sweet potatoes, and the typical Sunday meal menu that includes macaroni pie, rice with peas, and roast chicken. coleslaw.

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Alcohol: 69.00% by volume
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