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The word Almansa corresponds to the denomination (DO) of Spanish origin, famous for the production of red wines, renowned and sought after by connoisseurs and wine lovers all over the world . The vines of Almansa are located in the southeastern area of ​​Albacete more precisely in Castile-La Manchanella. The vineyards are washed by the Mediterranean Sea and are located near the cities of Almansa, Bonete, Alpera, Higueruela, Corral-Rubio, Pétrola, Hoya-Gonzalo and Villar de Chinchilla . The vines of the area enjoy a continental climate with long hot summer periods and harsh winters. The rains are very rare, it rains about 350 mm per year and this sporadicity causes very often in spring and autumn, violent storms and hail. Temperatures are very variable, with a climatic oscillation ranging from 38 ° C in summer to -6 ° C in winter. The vineyards extend for the most part on land in the plains with a maximum altitude between 700 and 1000 meters above sea level, are characterized by a permeable limestone geology and low in nutrients. The wine that is most produced from the vines of Almansa is red: Cencibel (Tempranillo), Monastrell, < b> Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Garnacha Tintorera, White Syrah are just some of the best known and most renowned qualities. There is also abundant production of Chardonnay, Verdejo, Sauvignon blanc and Garnacha Tintorera, very famous wines that satisfy both the finest palates that the tastes of tourists. These are the most common varieties in the area, but Cencibel (Tempranillo) accounts for only 15% of production.

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Climate and soil
Castilla-La Mancha is by far the largest wine district in Spain, covering about 50% of all production. The district extends, on the plateau of central Spain, at an altitude between 500 and 700 meters. The climate is distinctly continental, with cold winters and hot summers. There are four DOs in the district: Almansa, La Mancha, Méntrida and Valepeñ.
The most outstanding aspect of Almansa is its extraordinary castle, built on a massive cliff overlooking the city. Of Arab origin, it was rebuilt by don Juan Manuel in the fourteenth century. The historic center, which has been declared a Historic Artistic Complex, is formed by the narrow streets that surround the castle. Within the latter stands the palace of the Counts of Cirat, also known as Casa Grande, and characterized by a beautiful mannerist façade. Other examples of civil architecture are the 17th-century noble villas, such as the Enríquez de Navarra or the Marquises of Montortal, the old municipal granary, today the House of Culture and the Town Hall. As for the religious buildings, the parish of Asunción, from the 16th to the 19th century, is interesting, the convent of the Agustinas, with its Baroque façade, that of San Francisco and the hermitage of San Blas.
Typical products
We mainly grow white grapes, but the part of Cencibel (local name for Temptranillo) has increased considerably in recent times. Moreover, in the 1989-1990 harvest, since the demand for red wine was great, the producers managed to have the right to buy black grapes from other areas. The quality improvements, combined with low prices, guarantee popularity for Castilla-La Mancha wines both among internal and external consumers.
Typical dishes
Among the dishes of wild meat is the gazpacho de La Mancha, and those produced in the winter season such as garlic mataero, atascaburras or gachamiga. In summer the manchego ratatouille is typical. And in local festivals it is customary to prepare rice with meat and snails, wines with denomination of origin. As for desserts, they are important traditional sweets and pastries, such as pumpkin pies, must rolls: the famous Delicias de Almansa, cakes with egg yolk and eggs that were originally distributed directly to the Royal House and that today can still be enjoyed.

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Region: Almansa
Grape varieties: 70% Alicante Bouschet
Alcohol: 13.00% by volume
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