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Monsupello Nature Op Pinot Nero Met. Classico

Monsupello Nature Op Pinot Nero Met. Classico

Front Monsupello Nature Op Pinot Nero Met. Classico
Back Back Monsupello Nature Op Pinot Nero Met. Classico
0,75 l  -  13.00% vol.
Loaded yellow. Perlage: persistent end and with spuma a much soft one.
An endowed sparkling wine of complex hints, remembers the bread crust, its evolution leads back to us to hints of cassis, toasted bitter and nuts almond.
Extremely dry (typical of the Natures), sparkling wine dedicated to the connoisseurs; of rare structure and fineness
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Available from 12/06/2021
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06 - 08°C.
05 - 10 years
Name Monsupello Nature Op Pinot Nero Met. Classico
Type White classic method sparkling wine pas dosé
Size 0,75 l Standard
Region Lombardy
Grape varieties 10% Chardonnay, 90% Pinot Nero
Origin Municipalities of Torricella Verzate and Oliva Chalks - EXPOSURE: South-East
Soil composition Argillaceous-Limestone
Cultivation system The pruning sand bank to Guyot comes beginning from executed at the end of November, holding 8-9 number gems for stock. From May, with the scacchiatura and the spollonatura they come eliminated the superfluous buds and legacies those main ones; they are basic operations in order to maintain a good vegetative and productive equilibrium of the plant, above all in the event of young vineyards. To beg
No. plants per hectare 4.500
Yield per hectare 9.000
Harvest To beginning August, after the invaiatura, it comes executed a light thinning of the grape in order to distribute at best the production of the screw on tralci the more neighbors to the stock and in order to avoid that affastellamenti of clusters are created (root cause of the grey mildew attack in the humid vintage years).
Fermentation temperature Controlled temperature of 18° C
Fermentation period After a period of sharpening in steel, it comes made the cuvè that, after rifermentation in bottle, it will give the Natures met. Classic.
Production technique Start in white with the soft pressing of the entire grapes, than door to the separation of must from the vinacce; in various containers they separate to must flower (that is first 50% of sgrondo liquid of pressing, more yielded, acid and end) from must of second pressing.
Ageing The cuvè of Pinot Nero and Chardonnay it endures a proteic stabilization and a filtration; in the “draft” it comes put in bottles champagnotte with to a liqueur de tirage, composed from wine, sugar and leavens selected. The bottles come plugged with bidule and bottle cap and stacked in wine cellar to rifermentare to a constant temperature of 12°C.
Alcohol content 13.00% by volume
Total acidity 6.80 gr/L
pH 3.12
Residual sugars 2.90 gr/L
Dry extract 24.00 gr/L
Production year 6,000 bottles
Sulphites Contains sulphites
Pairing Is perfect like aperitif, but it can be introduced in approach to any plate of high kitchen, above all in the preparations made up of sauced fish and crustaceans or to the slab or or fumé, with raw crustaceans or single, the risotti to the fruits of sea, with the sauces made up of fish, branzino to the furnace, orata to from Liguria, the capesante one gratinate.
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The farm Monsupello was born more than a century ago, in 1893, when the family Boatti in Cà del Tava of the town of Oliva Gessi already dedicated to the care of their vineyards. In 1914 Boatti bought, few kilometers away, another found called "Podere...
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