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La Grazia Sforzato di Valtellina Fiori di Sparta 2015

La Grazia Sforzato di Valtellina Fiori di Sparta 2015

Front La Grazia Sforzato di Valtellina Fiori di Sparta 2015
Back Back La Grazia Sforzato di Valtellina Fiori di Sparta 2015
0,75 l  -  15.00% by vol.
La Grazia Azienda Agricola
In Valtellina viticulture is developed on terraces "clinging" to the steep slopes of the mountains. Working these small and extremely fragmented vineyards is very demanding and tiring. No processing can be mechanized and even the harvest is carried out strictly by hand in boxes. Considering all this we can explain why Viticoltura Eroica and why Sforzato. In the case of the winery La Grazia equally significant is the name of this wine: Fiori di Sparta. Dedicated in fact to the homonymous association of families with disabled children, which is based in the same place as the winery, it makes you understand how important the social aspect is in the vision of the winery. A source of pride in fact is the occasional collaboration with these young people in some phases, from the harvest to the pressing of the first years with a manual press. Seeing them so committed and so enthusiastic is a huge push to do better and better and to remember what is the most important thing to always nurture: passion.
Brilliant garnet red.
Intense aromas with ripe blackberries, cherries in alcohol and hints of prunes.
The taste is very soft, dry, structured and characterful, with a slight perception of toasty and chocolate.
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Serving temperature:
16 - 18°C.
Decanting time:
1 hours
10 - 15 years
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Name La Grazia Sforzato di Valtellina Fiori di Sparta 2015
Wine type Red still
Year 2015
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Lombardy
Grapes 100% Nebbiolo
History The Sforzato, is one of the finest and best known wines of Valtellina. A noble wine with unique characteristics, it is made with Nebbiolo grapes dried for a long time after the harvest.
Location Tirano (SO)
Vinification Once the drying process has been completed, the grapes are dehydrated (deflated), due to the loss of about 35-40% of the vegetable water, and with a high concentration of aromas and grape sugars. It is the moment of their pressing: the grapes are separated from the stalk, they are pressed and a very dense and cold must is obtained because the winter storage has also strongly lowered the temperature of the grapes. This must, placed in the vats, slowly starts the process of alcoholic fermentation, which in many cases lasts for several weeks. During fermentation, all the sugars that the grapes have concentrated are transformed into alcohol, creating a structured wine, full-bodied and rich in aromas and extracts: qualities for which it is presumed that the name "sforzato", that is, made robust and powerful, was derived.
Aging At this point the wine is made but it is still, though powerful, rough and rustic. It needs a right period of aging and respectful and patient rest. This operation is completed with an adequate aging in oak barrels and barriques, at a constant temperature, for a time that varies depending on the power of the year between 18 and 30 months. After another 6-8 months of refinement in the bottle is ready for tasting.
Alcohol 15.00% by volume
Sulphites Contains sulphites
Matching An aristocratic and highly prized wine, it is also a meditation wine, a happy combination with roasts and noble game.
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La Grazia Azienda Agricola

The farm "La Grazia" is a project born from the Oberti family that, having moved to Valtellina from Bergamo, in 1919 started a new commercial activity in the agricultural field by setting up Oberti S.r.l. operating in the sale of flours, cereals, gra...


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