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Dettori Rosso 2012

Dettori Rosso 2012

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0,75 l  -  16.50% by vol.
Giving his last name to a wine is not always a simple thing, but Dettori can describe the life that my family has always lived.The Dettori is the archaic Cannonau of Sardinia. A wine that everyone had forgotten in favor of wines easier to drink and also to sell. Dettori is like drinking a study of cultural anthropology.
It 'a wine is not always easy to obtain, as a late harvest that needs to maintain the natural acidity low and does not escalate volatile acidity.
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Serving temperature:
18 - 20°C.
Decanting time:
2 hours
10 - 15 years
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Name Dettori Rosso 2012
Wine type Red biodynamic still
Year 2012
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Sardinia
Grapes 100% Cannonau
History Native vine Sardo. Until a few years ago it was believed that the Cannonau was a different way to call the Grenache French, Spanish Garnacha and Tocai Rosso Veneto. Finally, in recent years rather than relying on assumptions have been made ​​of the historical and social studies and especially in the sciences have highlighted two fundamental aspects: a) the Cannonau Grenache and share only 82% of the genetic (University of Sassari Nieddu, ET AL . CS), b) Cannonau originated in Sardinia before the rest of Europe. There are many official documents testifying that. One of these, the act of the notary Bernardino cones Cagliari in a deed of 1549 mentions the wine Cannonau, Garnacha while the term, refers to a Spanish red wine, appears only two centuries later. The Cannonazo of Seville is a vine that does not exist. For years it was thought that the Cannonau derived from the grape, but it was only a clerical error in the "Canocazo" Andalucian white grape.
Location Vineyard Name "Dettori." 2.89 acres located at Badde Nigolosu. Ground limestone hill at 300 m. s.l.m.
System 100% Alberello Piè di Franco
Plants n. x hectare 5000/6000
Yield x hectare 20 q.
Production technique Produced only from grapes grown on our farm. In Vigna using only sulfur, horn manure, horn silica and green manure. The grapes are cut manually transported in small boxes with our Refrigerated Truck Fiat 100. The grapes are destemmed but not crushed and is macerated in vats of cement without any addition of sulfur. The duration of maceration depends on the characteristics of the must. It can last from three to ten days. Macerations no longer belong to our culture. The racking is always at hand to preserve the skin. The must is making headway in small cement tanks until bottling, which is usually after two / three years. In the cellar was not used any product of chemical synthesis in addition to sulfur. There were slight added, enzymes and other adjuvant vinification and aging of wine. Not filtered, not fined, not barricaded.
Vinification Treatments: Sulphur, horn manure, cornosilice, green manure, medicinal plants.
Alcohol 16.50% by volume
Production year 2,000 bottles
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From this winery:
"If being a Homo sapiens sapiens means looking but not observing, eating but not tasting, hearing but not listening, smelling but not enjoying a scent… well then, I am proud to be a Homo sapiens sapiens and nothing more. I feel myself an animal just...


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