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Cianfagna Sator Gran Maestro Tintilia 2011

Cianfagna Sator Gran Maestro Tintilia 2011

Front Cianfagna Sator Gran Maestro Tintilia 2011
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0,75 l  -  14.50% vol.
SATOR wine is the flagship of the company. Produced by tintyled grapes only, with only flower must. It is a "ruffiano" wine that immediately conquers you with elegant Bordeaux. Important shoulders, a red fire wax seal and a small parchment that reveals the label's sense of magic: the magic square. An inscription in Latin, engraved on a stone of Templar origin, found in the town of Acquaviva Collecroce, a refreshment point for the Templars crossing Italy to arrive in the Holy Land and in many other parts of the world. A mysterious formula, 5 words of 5 letters that can be read in both directions and on each side of the square.
At the opening of the bottle the color is decisive and full, a fine ruby ​​red with shades tending to the mature, as you expect from the typical this grape. The scent of fruit is intense, with clear hints of blackberry and black cherries prevail over plum and undergrowth. Pouring the alcohol note is warm and enveloping (we are talking about a wine with 14.5% alcohol) but well supported by the elegant tannic component, harmonious and balanced; continuing to eat by surprise the strength of alcohol is no longer felt; the finish is still pleasantly bitter, as is typical of tintily. . . and the memory still thrilling. . .
Intense ruby red
Intense. hints of blackberry and black cherry, plum and undergrowth, spices accents
Warm, alcoholic and full and enveloping but well-supported by the elegant tannic component
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Serve at:
18 - 20°C.
Decanting time:
1 hours
15 - 25 years
Name Cianfagna Sator Gran Maestro Tintilia 2011
Type Red still
Year 2011
Size 0,75 l Standard
Region Molise
Grape varieties 100% Tintilia
Climate 500 m s.l.m., southern exposure, good ventilation. low humidity good thermal excursion
Soil composition Clayey, limestone
Cultivation system Spalliera, spurred cordon. The plant is rustic and vigorous, it is not easily attacked by pathogenic agents and molds, it likes thermal swings so it prefers the inner hills, very sunny and fresh in the evening. the bunch is small and spatulate. the grapes are small, the skin is thick and the grapes are numerous on average 2/3 per grain, so the yield is low. Exposure to the south, the back wall, the hill microclimate and the hand of the producer allow the plant to express itself to the best of its kind. In addition, the careful work done on the vine to balance the vegetative aspect and the selection of the bushes still green so as to leave only the best exposed and vigorous lower the yield per hectare.
No. plants per hectare Approx. 6 treatments per year with sulfur and copper (natural stones only); no mushroom and pest problems do not use systemic treatments (which enter the lymphatic system of the plant); there is no irrigation.
Yield per hectare DENSITY. OF PLANT: 4000 Stumps / Ha RESE FOR CEPPO: from 1.0 to 2.0 Kg per plant about RES to HA: on average the yield is 50 (2 / 11a but in special vintages they also collect only 35-40 Q / lia
Production technique Manual harvest, mid-late October. Grape grapes pigmentation and traditional fermentation in red with peel maceration of 12 to 15 days at controlled temperature and daily replenishment. The only butter must be extracted and followed by spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
Vinification It matures in steel tanks for 18/24 months, followed by aging in bottles for at least 3 months. FILTERS: No filtration is performed to avoid undressing wine and not to lose its typical characteristics
Alcohol content 14.50% by volume
Dry extract 35.00 gr/L
Sulphites Contains sulphites
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From this winery:
It is since 1860 that the Cianfagna family is dedicated to agricultural production. The cellar, however, was born in 1999 when Vincenzo Cianfagna became a businessman at Pasquale Dad. His goal has since been to valorize and innovate the family tradi...
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