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Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne Champagne

Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne Champagne

Fronte Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne Champagne
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0,75 l  -  12,00% in vol.
Chartogne Taillet
The vine derives a wealth of nourishment from both the atmosphere and the soil. The energy drawn from the atmosphere is primarily used to create the vine's physical matter, while the vine's roots seek energy from the soil, transmitting information to the grapes and to the resulting wine.
The vines require vigilant attention. Depending on the grape variety and the location of the vineyard, winegrowers must comprehend their terroirs and adapt their intervention accordingly. Encouraging the vine to produce more than the soil is capable of supporting not only dilutes the information that the soil transmits to the vine, but also weakens the plant and reduces its potential lifespan.
As a consequence, we are working to adapt our actions according to each parcel, even to each individual vine, producing a wine rich in its expression of identity and experience.
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Prezzo € 44,20
Risparmi € 2,90 (7%)
€ 41,30
Prezzo IVA inc.
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Servire a:
06 - 08°C.
15 - 25 anni
Nome Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne Champagne
Tipologia Bianco spumante metodo classico secco
Formato 0,75 l Standard
Regione Champagne zone
Vitigni 100% Chardonnay
Tecnica di produzione This cuvée is a sensorial picture of our village. It brings together all of Merfy's various soil types, from Thanetian sands and clays to Cuisian soils. It is typically a blend of three grape varieties, and it is the only non-vintage Champagne of the house.
Vinificazione Vinification takes place in stainless-steel tanks with indigenous yeasts, and the wines are not filtered
Grado alcolico 12,00% in volume
In offerta Prezzo Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne Champagne € 41,30  IVA inc.

Chartogne Taillet

Da questa cantina:
Fiacre Taillet, winegrower in Merfy in 1485, was the first of a long line of family winegrowers in Merfy. Another Fiacre Taillet, born in 1700, was an enlightened winemaker who wrote extensive memoirs about his life and his work, as well as the e...
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