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Capovilla Distillato di Ciliegie Duroni 0.5L

Capovilla Distillato di Ciliegie Duroni 0.5L

Front Capovilla Distillato di Ciliegie Duroni 0.5L
Back Back Capovilla Distillato di Ciliegie Duroni 0.5L
0,50 l  -  41.00% by vol.
The raw material in front of everything, then comes the rest "Vittorio Capovilla. Distillate obtained by double distillation in bain-marie in small cherry almonds made by Ciliegie Duroni Marosticani, hand-picked in just maturation.The product has rested at all grade in steel tanks at least two years, then diluted and brought to the gradient of 41% vol. exclusively with spring water, without adding any sugars or even aromas.
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€ 67.10
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Serving temperature:
10 - 12°C.
Name Capovilla Distillato di Ciliegie Duroni 0.5L
Spirit type Fruit
Format 0,50 l
Region Veneto
Location Rosà (VI)
Alcohol 41.00% by volume
On sale Price Capovilla Distillato di Ciliegie Duroni 0.5L € 67.10  With VAT


From this distillery:
The passion for the world of distillates was born by accident in '74, the year I started to deal with machinery for oenology. Numerous trips abroad, particularly Switzerland, Germany and Austria, allowed me to discover the world of distillation whic...
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