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Amaro Formidabile 2019

Amaro Formidabile 2019

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0,70 l  -  32.50% by vol.
Formidabile Liquori & Affini
Amaro Formidabile is a natural amaro liqueur made by hand with a process of maceration of aromatic and medicinal plants in pure grain alcohol. Amaro Formidabile is the result of an extensive research work which lasted several years on the small but extraordinary liquoristica literature passed down through the centuries with the main aim of offering consumers a contemporary response and a solution of high-quality natural ingredients of excellence.
It is amber and the choice of an ultra clear glass bottle gives the product a valuable transparency.
The aroma immediately appears three dimensional, not traceable to a single feeling: citrusy, slightly smoky, unique marzipan and roasted cocoa beans.
The texture is silky, immediately enveloping, warm, almost chewy. In the mouth it is incredibly polyphonic: the feelings evolve almost simultaneously while keeping separate the individual characteristics of each. The main taste is aromatic of the peel of the three types of citrus and slightly reminiscent of anise; then comes a spicy clove heart and coriander, wormwood grass and hot pink nutmeg; the end is toasted, woody, oriental, evocative of super concentrated botanical ingredients.
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Serving temperature:
14 -16°C.
Name Amaro Formidabile 2019
Spirit type Liqueurs
Year 2019
Format 0,70 l
Region Lazio
Location Roma
Production technique Produced by cold maceration in grain alcohol of numerous botanical ingredients without the aid of additives, colorants, caramel or any type of aroma either natural or synthetic. Our production cycle is marked by an almost manual only operation. The maceration involves the immersion of the herbs in a hydroalcoholic solution within the macerator for a time varying between 21 and 27 days, during which the dye undergoes controlled pumping until the 19th day; After three days rest the liquor distiller will decide whether to suspend the maceration or continue the extraction to get the full balance of the aromatic plant material. Once the soaking time is complete we proceed with the manual pressing which allows the soft separation of the extract from herbs. The extract at this stage will undergo a first Coarse filtration. The filtered extract is at this point combined with a mixture prepared with sucrose, demineralised water and the alcohol needed to reach the final count of about 35 degrees. The mixture is mixed for 24 hours with 7 suspensions programmed by means of an agitator tank. After a period of “first rest”, of stabilisation of about 13 days, the product is again filtered with sterilizing capacity filters and left to mature in small 500-litre stainless steel tanks for about 45 days. The product is then bottled to face a period of further short rest before the final commercialisation.
Alcohol 32.50% by volume
Matching Should be served cold, strictly no ice and in small glasses of liquor.
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Formidabile Liquori & Affini

From this distillery:
Formidabile Liquori & Affini Srl is a company based in Rome established for the purpose of developing, producing and marketing a range of artisan liquors. The main product, a very fine digestive elixir without artificial colors, additives or aromas,...
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