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Tenute Perdarubia

Tenute Perdarubia

Vendita vini tenute perdarubia The company started its activity in 1949 by Mario Mereu (grandfather of the current owners) who inaugurated its cellar in that year, the first to be bottled in the province of Nuoro. Already since then everything was focused on cannonau, and wine was born Perda Rubia. In a few years the company contributed little to spread and to make known this grape also at international level.

The founder's work was continued by Renato Mereu (father of current owners), who implanted the first vineyards in 1971. From the early 1980's, the company only works its own grapes. Since 2014, the company has moved to the third generation of Mereu, and has started a major renovation and relaunch.
At present, 20 hectares of vineyards are in production, all of which are owned, and the whole farm is cultivated with certified organic method. Vineyards do not benefit from any irrigation.

Currently there is only one reference in the market, the Cannonau DOC Naniha. The great peculiarity of our wine, in addition to being a Cannonau monovoligue, so purely, is that it is born exclusively from vineyards on "free foot", that is, not grafted on American foot. The company focuses heavily on the sustainability of cultivation and on the close relationship of man with the environment in which it operates. The adaptation of crops to the environment (and not vice versa) is the philosophy that guides all agricultural activity, which also embraces olive cultivation, forestry and the cultivation of ancient grains. In the wine-growing sector, the cultivation of native vines, with particular regard to Cannonau, is a prime variety in the territories in which the company operates.

The label is an evolution of the historic wine label, reworked and reused, and recalls the design of Sardinian fabrics and jewelery. Even in these aspects is expressed the corporate philosophy of valorisation of indigenous productions.

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Tenute Perdarubia
Anno di avviamento
Ogliastra (Nuoro)
Tipo di coltivazione
Agricoltura biologica.

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Produttore Tenute Perdarubia
Tipologia Rosso fermo
Regione: Sardinia
Vitigni: 100% Cannonau
Alcol: 14,00% in volume
Formato: 0,75 l Standard
Caratteristiche Speciali:
€ 17,57
Prezzo IVA inc.

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