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roner wines for sale It was 1946 when Gottfried Roner set up his first still in the family home and started distilling spirits.

Distillation is an ancient craft that has a long tradition here in the Alps but whose roots are lost in the mysterious magic of alchemy.

After early successes producing grappa, Gottfried, who was enthusiastic about his country and its fruits, decided to expand his operations. By macerating roots and berries from the surrounding forests, as was already the custom, he began to make time-honored products such as gentian, juniper and blueberry liqueur. These products are still among the most popular produced by our distillery today.

With the purchase of a second still, the company's founder diversified production further and began distilling fruit, as is the tradition in Central Europe.

The use of especially high-grade apples and pears, combined with Gottfried's natural talent, is what laid the foundations for the superior quality that can still be found in Roner's fruit spirits today.

In the mid-sixties, sons Andreas and Günther Roner joined the company. Since they practically grew up between stills, yet also had the good fortune to inherit the remarkably fine nose of their father, growth of the Roner Distillery accelerated.

Andreas Roner took over as CEO and later as president.

Günther Roner found his calling as a master distiller and was thus responsible for production. He stood by his brother as vice president.

1965: Due to a constant increase in demand, the grappa distillery is built where the company stands today.

1972: Construction of a fruit distillery and bottling plant with a number of offices.

1989: The processing hall for the fruit is extended and a new building for the fermentation cellar and the current fruit distillery is built.

1998: The company sets up its own laboratory for quality control; the quality of distilled spirits has always been highly regarded.

2001: Roner is certified the first Italian distillery under ISO 9001/2000, which emphasises the quality of the products and guarantees their traceability.

1999: The Roner family decide to buy the Ritterhof Winery, located on the South Tyrolean Wine Route No.1 in Caldaro/Kaltern. For over 10 years they invest in the growth and modernisation of the winery. Over 10 years, CEO Ludwig Kaneppele, husband of Karin Roner, turns the small winery into a thriving business with outstanding and award-winning wines.

Having already worked from a young age in various departments within the company, Karin Roner took over management from her father, Andreas, in 2007.

The most recent modifications took place in the same year with an extension for the new bottling plant and a larger automated warehouse.

The main focus at Roner is preserving tradition while remaining open to new technologies and innovations, adopting those that will continue to improve the quality of the spirits and grappa. In 2010, the company was rewarded for having chosen this path and was honoured with the title "Distillery of the Year" at the International Spirits Competition (ISW).

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Trentino Alto Adige
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Termeno (BZ)
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Producer Roner
Type White still aromatic
Region: Trentino Alto Adige
Grape varieties: 100% Traminer Aromatico
Alcohol: 14.00% by volume
Size: 0,75 l Standard
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