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Buy ferrucci wines The Ferrucci Farm, founded in 1932, owns about 15 hectares, on average, of one of the happiest wine-growing areas in Romagna. Predestined, therefore, at its best, the land of Ferrucci has been able to express, over the years, all its extraordinary production potential only thanks to the attention, care and passion with which the family has always dedicated itself.

The production project is based on the choice to vinify exclusively grapes of its own production, so as to encourage the best a constant and accurate search for quality. The vines are pruned in such a way as to obtain a limited quantity of fruit; at the touch of a button, the newly formed bunches, if necessary, are thinned out; during the harvest, only the best of the harvest becomes wine. Each bottle, in the end, is like a poem that is discovered in the color, reads in the scent, is interpreted with the taste.

The last years of the company's life have been characterized by important investments in research and experimentation of clonal choices and of the various types of planting layouts, in order to refine more and more, and at the origin, the quality of the grapes.

The competence of the men, with the help of high technology in machinery and equipment, then governs the trend of the entire production cycle, from the field to the cellar. The cellar, which was built in Roman times and handed down as a stable for changing horses by Caio Gracco (gens Caia), retains all the charm and scents typical of these environments while living with modern technological equipment.

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Via Casolana, 3045/2 - Castel Bolognese (RA)
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Andrea Ruggeri
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Producer Ferrucci
Wine type White sweet from withered grapes sweet
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Grapes: 100% Albana
Alcohol: 13.50% by volume
Format: 0,50 l
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€ 18.15
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