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Derbusco Cives

Derbusco Cives

Vendita vini derbusco cives Erbusco is at the Frallacorta, as Epernay is at the Champagne. In terms of openness, Erbsco is the moral "capital" of the Fraciacorta, both to be the epicenter of the region and, above all, because on the morainic hills of this municipality the mgiliori vines for the production of Franciacorta DOCG have been established.

Strengthened by this priamto, a group of five friends in autumn 2004 decided to give life to a new winemaking reality, focused exclusively on Erbusco.

The name Derbusco Cives, "citizens of Erbusco", refers to a sixteenth-century spelling of the name of the city which in turn descends from the Lombard "der busche" which means wood.
A young company with the desire to make uncompromising quality (thus producing a limited number of bottles), which in every phase of the production chain uses ancestral methods to create a product of great quality, taken care of in every detail.

The 12 hectares of vineyards are located in the heart of Erbusco, cultivated with the utmost care, respecting the natural rules without any forcing, neither in pruning nor in treatments, with limited unitary production.

Extremely soft crushes, rigorous selection of the matches, very long refinements in contact with the lees, are some of the strict rules applied in the cellar. The product is packaged in bottles of special shape, specially designed to promote the natural maturation of wines, which characterize the Franciacorta Derbusco Cives in an unmistakable way.

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Derbusco Cives
Anno di avviamento
Via Provinciale, 83 - Erbusco (BS)
Sito web
Gregorio Villa

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Produttore Derbusco Cives
Tipologia Bianco spumante metodo classico brut
Regione: Lombardy
Vitigni: 100% Chardonnay
Alcol: 12,50% in volume
Formato: 0,75 l Standard
Caratteristiche Speciali:
€ 34,16
Prezzo IVA inc.
Ultime 5 bottiglie

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