Arehucas Rum

Arehucas Rum

Vendita distillati arehucas rum Arechucas opened its factory in the Canary Islands in 1884. Its production gained a huge acceptance, being recognized and awarded in the Regional Exhibition of that year, to which he participated with alcohol and samples of canned distillates processed over several years.

On July 4th. For the quality and the fame of the products produced by "Fábrica San Pedro", Queen Maria Cristina of Austria, through the "Intendencia General de la Real Casa y Patrimonio", granted to Arehucas the title of Provider of the Royal House.

For the development of his work, the most distinguished from the production process of the Distillerie Arehucas are his cellars, which give his distillates that unmistakable brand of Arehucas. This is also one of Europe's largest rum manufacturing plants. In this way, the brand is present both in the archipelago and at the Spanish and European levels.

The brand's motto has close links with the history of sugar cane and rum: Cristoforo Colombo, on one of his journeys, carried sugar cane from Gran Canaria to Santo Domingo and Brazil and later moved to Cuba and the rest of the American continent. As a result, there can be no better slogan than "Arehucas cuna del ron", or "Arechucas cradle of rum".

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Canarie Islands
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Arehucas Rum
Arucas - Gran Canaria

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Produttore Arehucas Rum
Tipologia distillato Rum
Regione: Canarie Islands
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Alcol: 40,00% in volume
Formato: 0,70 l
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€ 35,38
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Spedibile solo in Italia, Francia, Austria e Germania.

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