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Informazioni su Sciascinoso

Vitigno Sciascinoso
Sinonimi Sanginoso, Sancinoso, Sanguinosa, Sarcinosa.
Colore bacca Bacca rossa
Diffusione originale Autoctono
Vigoria Buona
Maturazione Late
Produttività Abundant; since the germination takes place 7-8 days before all the other vines it is subject to spring frost; it suffers from the temperature drops in April and May, while the rains seem to be slightly damaging during flowering.
Zone di coltivazione The Sciascinoso grape variety is located in Campania and has been in the national register of vine varieties since 1970 (G.U. 149 17/06/1970). The black Olivella is registered in the same register from the following year (G.U. 71 of 22/03/1971).
Storia The Sciascinous vine is of uncertain origins, as uncertain is the question of whether or not it corresponds to the black Olivella grape variety. In fact, the confusing situation is due to the fact that the name Olivella was occasionally attributed to many vines, due to the resemblance of their grapes, to the color and to the elongated form that he could remember, in fact, an olive tree.
Caratteristiche ampelografiche Leaf: medium or large, cuneiform, pentalobata, U-open pectoral breast, upper side limbs, upper or lower closed limbs, very deep, usually inferior and open-skinned lower lateral sinuses; flap wavy in a distinctive way; the median lobe and the upper sides are folded and convex; corner at the top of the acute top lobe; upper page, light green, wrinkled, glabrous or with some rare hair along the ribs, cotone bottom page, light yellowish yellowish color, rosy ribs at the base, protruding those of I, II, III order, brightening for a certain stretch even on top page; irregular teeth, sharp teeth, well-developed, with mucron. Bunch: quite long (20-30 cm), almost compact, cylindrical or pyramidal, often winged with one or two wings, large long visible peduncle, woody the first part, herbaceous for the rest; reddish or reddish green at the ripening of the fruit; mid-length pedicle, green with red tones; apparent reddish-looking; short-lived red-colored brush; separation of the pedicle from the aquarium very easy. Acino: medium or large, elliptical, regular, circular cross section, pruinous peel, dark violet, thick; protruding and persistent navel; juicy flesh, simple flavor, acid, sweet, astringent; colorless juice.
Caratteristiche del vino che si ottiene con questo vitigno The wine obtained from the grapes is ruby ​​red, intense. On the palate it is vinous, fruity, tannic, bodied.
Note Resistance to diseases: Normal (in wet vines in unpaved areas, it does not withstand the molds it is subject to grape rotting).
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Produttore Mastroberardino
Tipologia Rosso fermo
Regione: Campania
Vitigni: 90% Piedirosso, 10% Sciascinoso
Alcol: 13,00% in volume
Formato: 0,75 l Standard
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€ 97,60
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