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Lambrusco Marani

Lambrusco Marani

Information about Lambrusco Marani

Grape variety Lambrusco Marani
Synonyms grappello ruberti.
Grape color Red grape
Aromaticity Neutral
Initial spread Autochthon
Vigor Excellent
Ripening period Early in October in the province of Reggio Emilia.
Productivity Regular and abundant.
Growing areas It is diffused mainly in Modena and Reggiano.
History The Lambrusco Marani vine, like the other Lambruschi cultivated in Emilia, comes from wild vinegar vines, found in antiquity throughout Italy. The Latin called "Lambrusca vitis" a whole series of wild vineyards that gave small and rough acini and were not generally used for vinification. Only around 1825, thanks to Acerbi, it began to make a distinction between vineyards derived from wild vines, and was on this occasion that for the first time was mentioned the name Marani.
Features ampelographic Leaf: medium size, rounded, trilobata and sometimes whole, V-shaped vein very open (sometimes almost scratched), lateral veins above V-U shallow; Upper page glabra, green, opaque; Sublanugginous bottom and green color; Almost flat limb, little mark lobes, corner at the top of the almost straight terminal lobe; Bulbous surface; Ribs of the -2 ° -3 ° order protruding, green, clearer on the bottom; Very pronounced, regular, convex, mucronate, wide-spread teeth. Bunch: Medium size, elongated (about 25 cm long), cylindrical (or cylinder-pyramidal), medium compact; Visible peduncle, herbaceous, green-pink. Acino: medium (diameter about 13 mm), spheroid, regular; Persistent navel; Pruinose peel, blue-black, thick and consistent; Juicy flesh, neutral flavor; Medium-length pedicels, green, little noticeable, green; Short, violet brush.
Features wine The wine that is obtained from the Lambrusco marani vine is ruby ​​red, brilliant. On the palate it is fresh, vinous, floral, fragrant.
Notes Resistance to adversity: good; Has some green acinellation.
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Producer Venturini Baldini
Wine type Red organic sparkling charmat method dry
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Grapes: 20% Lambrusco Grasparossa, 20% Lambrusco Maestri, 30% Lambrusco Marani, 30% Lambrusco Salamino
Alcohol: 11.00% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
Price € 12.18
Save € 3.08 (25%)
€ 9.10
Price With VAT
Producer Rinaldini Moro
Wine type Rosè bubbly
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Grapes: Lambrusco Marani, Lambrusco Salamino
Alcohol: 11.50% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
Price € 9.64
Save € 2.14 (22%)
€ 7.50
Price With VAT
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