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Incrocio Bruni 54

Incrocio Bruni 54

Information about Incrocio Bruni 54

Grape variety Incrocio Bruni 54
Synonyms Bianchello (erroneamente), Dorico, Sauvignon x Verdicchio
Grape color White grape
Initial spread Autochthon
Vigor Excellent
Productivity Vine vigorous and of good production level (average 100-120 q / Ha). Its fertility starts on average from the 2nd bud and carries on average 1-2 bunches per shoot, sometimes it also fructifies on the females. It is particularly sensitive to botrytic attacks, as well as to oidium and escoriosis, even if to a lesser extent. Good is the affinity of grafting on Kober 5BB and 420A, poor with 17-37.
History The Incrocio Bruni 54 vine was created in 1936 by the internationally renowned Marchan-based ampelographer, prof. Bruni who worked for the Ministry of Agriculture in the period 1930-1950, involving the Sauvignon and Verdicchio varieties. It is widespread almost exclusively in the Marche, between Ancona and Macerata. The "precursor" Sauvignon gives the wine its fineness, with a particular aromatic note, floral and sometimes of sour fruit and sage.
Features ampelographic Leaf: medium, orbicular, pentalobata. Bunch: compact, medium size, pyramidal. Ali in the bunch: 1. Acno: average size, obovoidal in shape and green-yellow in color.
Features wine The wine obtained from the Incrocio Bruni 54 grape is pale straw yellow in color. On the palate it is gentle, aromatic, full-bodied.
Notes The grapes are used exclusively for winemaking. Normally it is not vinified in purity, but it is used to give perfume and aromas to the grapes.
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Producer Fontezoppa
Wine type White organic still
Region: Marche
Grapes: 100% Incrocio Bruni 54
Alcohol: 13.50% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
Price € 10.83
Save € 0.85 (8%)
€ 9.98
Price With VAT
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Producer Fontezoppa
Wine type White still
Region: Marche
Grapes: Pecorino, Incrocio Bruni 54
Alcohol: 13.00% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
Price € 9.58
Save € 1.08 (11%)
€ 8.50
Price With VAT
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