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Cooling bag to cool the bottles or to keep the bottle cool for the whole meal. It should be kept in the freezer so that it is always ready to use. The new cooler bag combines the effectiveness of common cooling bands with the aesthetics of new trends. A high-strength fabric finish, which gives it an elegant, mocerne look, with a black nylon interior. Inside there is a layer of gel and insulation that prevents the heat from dissipating to the outside of the bag. The bag closes with a dark drawstr...
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The 6-bottle bags are ideal for transporting various bottles at once without the risk of breakage. Resistant to weight and with reinforced handles for added security.
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Thermal bag with handles with capacity for two bottles. This bag is designed to carry two bottles of cold wine or champagne and maintain the right temperature in the various transfers. It must be stored in the freezer at least 1 hour before use. Its modern design and practical functionality make this bag an essential accessory for wine lovers who want to bring cold wine to their friends' house.
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Multi compartment wine bags to carry 6 wine bottles. Handles are reinforced for more security when carrying weight.
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Perbacco® Tasting Box It is a portable container designed to keep wine bottles at ideal temperature even in the most critical thermal conditions thanks to its insulating thickness of 30 mm. The cover of Perbacco® Tasting Box Firmly and securely stops 5 bottles by limiting movement during transport. The right temperature is guaranteed by 4 cold accumulators placed neatly next to the bottles and quickly cooled in the freezer. Also included in the box are 3 stoppers for fine wines and 2 for sparkl...
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Cooler bags are used to cool down a bottle before serving or to keep it at the ideal temperature throughout the meal. Store in the freezer to be ready when necessary. The new Pulltex cooler bags combines the efficiency of the Pulltex regular coolers and new esthetic trends. It is covered with white, highly resistant tissue that makes it look elegant and fashionable, while the inner part of the cooler is covered with a black nylon material. Inside the cooler there is a “cooling gel” and insulati...
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