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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

(Tschechische Republik)

Central European state. It borders O and NO with Germany, S with Austria, SE with Slovakia and NE with Poland. Its territory, corresponding to that of the two historical regions of Bohemia and Moravia, includes the plain formed by the Elbe course (the Boema Basin), the internal slopes of the Bohemian Forest, the Ore Mountains and the Sudetes, the Highlands of Moravia, the plain of the high and medium Morava. Besides the Elbe, the main river, the two tributaries of the Moldava and the Ohře are also important. The climate is continental.

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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic
Tschechische Republik
The Czech Republic was born on January 1, 1993, following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the final stage of the crisis that had hit the country after the fall of the communist regime and which saw the re-emergence of contrasts between Czechs (in favor of maintaining a certain centralization) and Slovaks (advocates of a confederate state). In the course of 1992 it was the Czech Republic, led by the liberalist V. Klaus, to promote the dissolution of the Czechoslovak State. The separation from the most backward Slovakia was conceived as a passage that would have favored its integration with the West (NATO and EU). A parliamentary constitution (bicameral) came into force immediately: V. Havel became president of the Republic and Klaus maintained the leadership of the government (center-right coalition) with a program focused on the liberal transformation of the economy (privatization of the productive apparatus and services, incentives for foreign investments, introduction of a new currency, creation of a new banking system), which led the Republic C. to be the first among the Central and Eastern European countries to enter the OECD (1995).
Typische Gerichte
The Czech cuisine is not among the most varied, however anyone will find solutions "suitable for their pockets": from the finest, and most expensive restaurants, in gothic style, to the buffet much more to the hand. As for the aperitif, in addition to the bitter ones (some of which also have a long tradition), vodka is mainly consumed. The first ones are mainly hot dishes, the soups are almost all based on onions. For the main courses, basic food is meat: from beef, veal to pork. Meals are often accompanied by tartar sauce.

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