Uva di Troia

Uva di Troia

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Rebsorte Uva di Troia
Synonyme barlettana, nero di Troia, uva della marina, uva di Canosa, tranese, troiano, vitigno di Barletta, uva di Barletta.
Traubenfarbe Rottrauben
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Kraft gut
Reifezeit The first decade of October.
Produktivität Medium productive (around 50 q/ha).
Anbaugebiete Grape cultivated abundantly along the Puglia Coast, in the Barletta area and in the province of Bari.
Geschichte Uva di Troia is an ancient purple-skinned variety found in Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot. The grape is named after the Puglian town of Troia, which (according to legend) was founded by Diomedes after the siege and sacking of ancient Troy. The variety also has a number of synonyms, including Nero di Troia and Sumarello.
Ampelographische Eigenschaften Leaf: pentagonal, medium in size, quinquelobata; Petiolar breast U or lira, almost always with superimposed edges; Side breasts in lira; Upper leaf glabra, opaque green, with light green ribs; Underside wicker, greenish whitish; Flat flap with slightly wrinkled surface, often; Partially coiled lobes, corner at the top of the acute terminal lobes; Irregular, pronounced side teeth, sharp, slightly convex. Bunch: 15-20 cm long, medium compact, simple or winged, woody peduncle, large; Mid-length peduncle of green color and difficult to separate from the acino; Clear looking, slightly greenish-colored red; Short brush, light green color. Acino: spheroid, regular, medium size (mm 13-17), regular cross-section (circular), persistent navel; Pruinous peel, violet color regularly distributed, thick, consistent, almost barky; Colorless juice; Slightly fleshy, neutral flavor.
Eigenschaften des Weins, die in diesem Weinberg hergestellt wird The wine obtained from the grape grove is ruby ​​red with purple reflections. On the palate it is warm, fruity, spicy, body-shaped, round.
Anmerkungen Resistance to diseases and other adversities: little to dandruff; Resists more with oid; Suffers for the favoni (hot south wind); The berries are well weathered.
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