Informationen über Pignolo

Rebsorte Pignolo
Synonyme Pignul
Traubenfarbe Rottrauben
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Kraft mittel
Reifezeit Rather late.
Produktivität Pretty poor, constant.
Anbaugebiete Pignolo is only Friulian: in particular it was originally cultivated in areas around the Rosazzo Abbey and seriously endangered the extinction. Some far-sighted producers in the area between Rosazzo, Buttrio and Premariacco have contributed to saving this vine and the wines they obtain stand out for quality and longevity.
Geschichte The Pignolo (also called Pignul) derives its name from the particular conformation of the cluster. It has been mentioned several times in the history of viticulture from Wales (1817-19), Acerbi (1825), Odart (1849) and Di Rovasenda (1877). It has small leaf, trilobata (sometimes even pentalobata); Bunch of small, cylindrical, simple and tight; Small, round, pruinose and thick skin, black in color.
Ampelographische Eigenschaften Leaf: small, characteristic, trilobata, intense green on the top; Slim, but consistent lamina, slightly revolving margins; Upper vesiculous page; Bottom page of light green, velvety or felted; Open lateral, deep, rounded breasts; Petiole breast open, deep; Crocheted teeth; Leaf not very deep, fairly regular, wide, mucronate; Detected ribs, red at the base. Bunch: cylindrical, simple, tight, small; Robust, medium, herbaceous, yellow-green; Robust, herbaceous, light green color; Short pedicels, light green. Acino: small, round; Small brush, uncoloured; Peeled, black, thick, rather crunchy, slightly tannic; Soft flesh, tender with fleshy, simple flavor, sweet.
Eigenschaften des Weins, die in diesem Weinberg hergestellt wird The wine that comes from the pignolo grape is ruby ​​red, transparent. On the palate it is Hot, fruity, tannic, persistent, round.
Anmerkungen Resistance to diseases: weak; Strongly suffers the attacks of the oidium.
Weinverkauf Autochthon - (Örtlich)

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Produzent Collavini
Weinsorte Rot ruhig
Region: Friaul - Julisch-Venetien
Rebsorte: 100% Pignolo
Alkohol: 14,00% Volumen
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€ 42,70
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