Informationen über Fumin

Rebsorte Fumin
Traubenfarbe Rottrauben
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Kraft sehr gut
Reifezeit Medium-late
Produktivität Pretty regular and remarkable.
Anbaugebiete Rustic autochthonous valley of valleys, cultivated throughout the center of the valley. . It is still quite widespread in the old vineyards of Aymavilles, often in association with the Petit rouge.
Geschichte Autochthonous vine of the Aosta Valley, widely described by the Gatta in 1838. There are two biotypes: male Fumin and female Fumin.
Ampelographische Eigenschaften Leaf: medium in size, predominantly trilobata (with two other lobes just mentioned), open petiole (or U) pectoral breast, upper, shallow, open, lateral; Inferior (when they exist) very deep, open; Upper leaf glabra, slightly inferior fleece; Flap often slightly bent to the gutter, and so the lobes; Little toothed teeth, with little teeth, in two series; Smooth, glossy, greenish-green glaze surface with green loaded ribs, slightly protruding. Acini: small, spherical or slightly crushed (discoids) with persistent, slightly prominent navel; Very pruinous skin, dark brown, medium thick, durable; Juicy but hard flesh; Almost colorless (slightly pink) juice, simple, but very sour.
Eigenschaften des Weins, die in diesem Weinberg hergestellt wird The wine that comes from the fumin shows a load of color, with a strong malvaceous tonality; The scent is broad, intense, slightly herbaceous, and enriches with maturation; The palate is dry, austere, of good acidity. Fumin's wine does not lend itself to being drunk young but needs to be refined; It is best seen a few years after harvesting.
Anmerkungen It is part of the DOC Valle d'Aosta Torrette disciplines. Resistance to adversity: It has always been considered a very rustic vine, especially cold and long-lasting, often in the region especially in the bottom of the valley; Also resists crytogamic (peronospora and oidio) diseases, rotting; A little less than the cries.
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Produzent Les Cretes
Weinsorte Weiß ruhig
Region: Aostatal
Rebsorte: 40% Chardonnay, 20% Malvasia Istriana, 40% Fumin
Alkohol: 12,50% Volumen
Format: 0,75 l Standard
€ 7,94
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Produzent Les Cretes
Weinsorte Rot ruhig
Region: Aostatal
Rebsorte: 30% Barbera, 30% Fumin, 10% Mayolet
Alkohol: 14,00% Volumen
Format: 0,75 l Standard
€ 11,90
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