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scapegrace spirituosen kaufen For several years now this trendy spirit has crossed the traditional boundaries of production, mostly included in England, to be produced in different parts of the world. A nation that is not lacking is certainly New Zealand, where a particular mention deserves the Scapegrace distillery. A reality that arises from the friendship between two men who did not know each other, until one has married the other's sister, thus establishing a family bond that was the incipit of the birth of Scapegrace.

A distillery dedicated to the highly artisanal production of Gin, made only in small batches, in order to always maintain high quality standards. A Gin that is born after the infusion, in the pure fermented wheat, of 12 different "botanicals", where, next to the juniper, we find coriander, angelica, iris, cinnamon and other elements, which contribute to enrich the olfactory profile.

During the working process, which uses a copper still of the pot-like type of the nineteenth century, also the water has its importance, and for this the team of Scapegrace uses the purest that flows on the southern mountain ranges of the New Zealand, filtered deep through underground rocks.

Today the distillery gives rise to two labels, the "Dry" and the "Gold", both awarded in different competitions, from London to San Francisco, demonstrating the quality that is found in the Scapegrace products, perfect to be mixed inside of the most famous cocktails, from the most classic Gin & Tonic to the everlasting Martini.

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New Zealand
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New Zealand

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Produzent Scapegrace
Art der Spirituosen Gin
Region: New Zealand
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Alkohol: 57,00% Volumen
Format: 0,70 l
€ 55,50
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