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Demerara Distillers

Demerara Distillers

demerara distillers spirituosen kaufen Nearly entirely covered by the Amazonian virgin forest, Guyana is perhaps one of the least-contaminated worlds in the world, where nature still prevails far beyond the artificial works of human ingenuity.

Demerara Distillers, located near Georgetown's capital, is the only distillery to produce Rum El Dorado. Founded in the second half of the eighteenth century and in 1770 for the sake of precision, Demerara Distillers, as a result of the closure of eight national distilleries that ceased their activity after the Second World War, is today the only distillery left in operation in Guyana.

The company, thanks to the far-reaching decision of legendary director Yesu Persaudk, as well as possessing the world's largest stock of old Rums, can boast a combination of unique alambic, able to tell all the nuances and typicalities of the tradition of Rum itself. In detail, in the distillery you can meet three double columns coffey still, two modern multiple columns of Indian technology, two still savannahs, a wooden double pot still - also called Port Mourant - a wooden single pot, a coffey column wood amber, a Wedderburn style copper twig, a traditional copper amber and a small gin still batch: Thirteen alligs in total, thanks to which rum is distilled from the peculiar and specific characteristics that blend into a blend with a stock of about 100,000 barrels.

Distilled each of the unique and unparalleled style, which has been under the brand name "El Dorado" since 1992, with the ambition to exalt the best quality sugar cane in the world. No other rum distillery can boast such a heritage, consisting of a wide range of Rum labels, all of them high quality, since they are young or long-aging. Rum as a whole, in addition to being synonymous with absolute excellence, represent a unique identity in which unparalleled diversity lives together, which together bring together the unlimited range of Rum El Dorado.

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Demerara Distillers
Georgetown (Guyana)

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Produzent Demerara Distillers
Art der Spirituosen Rum
Region: Guyana
Gemacht aus
Alkohol: 40,00% Volumen
Format: 0,70 l
€ 40,71 Sparen € 8,14
€ 32,57
Preis Mit mwSt
Noch 5 Flaschen
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