Cantina della Volta

Cantina della Volta

cantina della volta weine kaufen After finishing my studies in agricultural science in 1986, I joined my father in the family’s winery known as “Francesco Bellei & C.”, located in Bomporto (Modena).

We lived right next door to the winery, so I grew up as an apprentice boy taking care of almost any task involved with the wine-making activity, thus learning in full the meaning of winery management. As a result, I was involved in every step from the arrival of the grapes to be pressed, the subsequent wine-making process, then bottling and labeling up to packing the fi nished bottles into the cases to be marketed.

My dad was very fond of high quality sparkling wines and, always working next to him, I had the chance to learn how to taste a wine distinguishing any little detail. We tasted every single production together and the result of that activity granted me a higher sensibility towards any nuance of a wine.

He taught me how a single little note could make a wine really unique.
I often happen to say: “wine is not the result of an algebraic formula: it is the outcome of a serious research activity combined with unrestrained passion. Being able to taste a wine, from my personal point of view, is a sort of legacy”.
This specific “legacy” is the milestone of a new happily beginning venture which started this year in March 2010. A group of friends, very fond of quality wines, offered me the chance to be involved first-hand in the management of a winery called Cantina della Volta. The deal is conditioned on a basic rule: I must keep making wines my way. In other words, they want me to profit from my long wine-making experience and continue improving my oenological skills in order to give birth to high quality wines.

Let me say that Cantina della Volta has become also a milestone of my working life, since it signified an important turning point and made the professional challenge I was waiting for. Indeed, it offered me the opportunity to see my family’s old winery, founded in 1920, fully restored. This brand new building has now become the laboratory where I make the most of my oenological talent creating wines of outstanding quality, obtained by the traditional method of fermentation in bottle.

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Cantina della Volta
Bomporto (MO)
Christian Bellei

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Produzent Cantina della Volta
Weinsorte Rosé prickelnder schaumwein nach klassischer methode. brut
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Rebsorte: 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara
Alkohol: 12,50% Volumen
Format: 0,75 l Standard
€ 18,50
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