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Benito Ferrara

Benito Ferrara

benito ferrara weine kaufen The company Benito Ferrara has ancient roots, dating back to the dawn of the last century. Today it covers 8 hectares. All areas planted with vines fall in the municipality of Tufo, the hamlet of San Paolo, in the traditional production area for the cultivation of the vine Greek di Tufo, and in the municipality of Montemiletto for the production of the Aglianico grape. The soils are ideally located between 450 and 600 m above sea level, with a southern exposure, a hilly and a medium texture texture.

The wealth of experience that has been handed down for generations, an innate love for their work and a cutting edge equipped cellar, enable the production of fine wines, known and appreciated in the most demanding markets around the world.

The company truly born in the second half of the last century by the will of Benito, father of Gabriella, but wine production was already at the beginning of the 900 prerogative of Ferrara family in the small hamlet San Paolo.

Benito, an innovator and a visionary entrepreneur, understood before what could be more important to the creation of an own wine cellar for wine production and devoted himself body and soul, with his wife, Mrs. Michelina, the foundation and development of new Company.

Gabriella took the reins of the company and has done so, with his skill and dedication, that it took on a role of prestige among the wineries for the production of fine wines in Campania and in Italy.

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Informationen über Benito Ferrara

Benito Ferrara
Frazione S. Paolo, 14A - Tufo (AV)
Paolo Caciorgna
Hergestellte Flaschen

Benito Ferrara weine online kaufen

Produzent Benito Ferrara
Weinsorte Rot ruhig
Region: Kampanien
Rebsorte: 100% Aglianico
Alkohol: 13,50% Volumen
Format: 0,75 l Standard
€ 13,63 Sparen € 2,72
€ 10,91
Preis Mit mwSt
Noch 2 Flaschen
Produzent Benito Ferrara
Weinsorte Weiß ruhig
Region: Kampanien
Rebsorte: 100% Greco di Tufo
Alkohol: 13,50% Volumen
Format: 0,75 l Standard
€ 18,30
Preis Mit mwSt
Momentan nicht verfügbar
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