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À propos de Savagnin

Cépage Savagnin
Synonymes Savagnin, Heida, Paien, Nature, Gelber Traminer
Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule blanche
Espèces Autochtone
Vigueur Excellente
Histoire Savagnin Blanc (not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc) is an ancient white wine grape from the sub-alpine regions of eastern France. Its most famous application is in two of France's most idiosyncratic wines, the Sherry-like Vin Jaune and the sweet, concentrated Vin de Paille, both of which come from the eastern Jura region.
Caractéristiques du vin obtenu à partir de ce cépage The Savagnin name has become most synonymous with Vin Jaune, a wine that is a matured in barrel for several years under a naturally occurring film of flor yeast. During this maturation period the wine develops rich, nutty flavors (similar to those found in the fino Sherries of Jerez) and the deep yellow color which gives it its name.

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Blanc tranquille
Baron De Ladoucette
AOC Sancerre, 100% Savagnin
12,50%, 0,75 l
Prix CHF 38,94
Économiser CHF 5,88 (15%)
CHF 33,06 TVA incl.
Blanc tranquille
Maison du Vigneron
AOC Cotes du Jura, 100% Savagnin
14,00%, 0,75 l
Prix CHF 33,65
Économiser CHF 6,62 (20%)
CHF 27,03 TVA incl.
2 bouteilles disponibles
Blanc tranquille
Domaine de la Borde
AOC Arbois-Pupillin, 100% Savagnin
15,00%, 0,75 l
Prix CHF 80,28
Économiser CHF 6,94 (9%)
CHF 73,34 TVA incl.
Dernière bouteille
Blanc biologique tranquille
Domaine Pignier
AOC Cotes du Jura, 100% Savagnin
14,00%, 0,62 l
Prix CHF 109,04
Économiser CHF 13,08 (12%)
CHF 95,96 TVA incl.
Dernière bouteille

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