Pignola Valtellinese

Pignola Valtellinese

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Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule rouge
Vigueur Moyennement Bonnne
Histoire For the description of this vine, a clone of "Pignola" existed which existed in the ampelographic collection of the Experimental Station of Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano. The characters found in the aforementioned collection were subsequently compared with those found on the "Pignola" cultivated in the province of Sondrio, where it also appears in an experimental vineyard.
Caractéristiques ampélographiques Leaf: medium size, orbicular shape, three-lobed with lyreous petiolar sinus closing or closed with sometimes overlapping edges; lateral sinuses superior to V and inferior lateral sinuses absent or barely mentioned; thick flap with sloping edges, blistering surface; eaves bent lobes; angle at the top of the right terminal lobes; upper page hairless, opaque, dark green, with light green veins; fluffy underside, gray-green with protruding, woolly veins, red towards the base; not very pronounced, regular, convex lateral teeth. Bunch with industrial maturity: rather small (length 15-17 cm); compact, cylindrical, often winged (with 1 wing); visible and woody peduncle until the first branching. Berry: medium, 16-18 mm, spheroid, regular, persistent navel; circular cross section, regular; pruinose blue-black peel, of medium consistency; colorless juice, neutral in flavor, juicy pulp; short and green pedicel; brown rim, not very evident; medium brush, pink.

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Blanc tranquille
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Rouge vert tranquille
Faccinelli Luca
DOCG Valtellina Superiore grumello, Nebbiolo, Pignola Valtellinese, Rossola Nera
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Blanc vin mousseux méthode classique - champenois brut
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Blanc vin mousseux méthode classique - champenois brut
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CHF 18,63 TVA incl.
Dernière bouteille
Rouge tranquille
La Spia
IGT Alpi Retiche, 90% Nebbiolo, 5% Pignola Valtellinese, 5% Rossola Nera
14,00%, 0,75 l
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