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Synonymes arivona, greco, matelicano, montecchiese, rivona.
Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule blanche
Vigueur Moyennement Bonnne
Maturation Earliest of october.
Productivité Abundant and constant.
Zones de culture It is widespread especially in the province of Macerata.
Histoire This vine was already known in the Marches since Roman times and its very name may be due to its spread in the Macerata area. It is likely to be derived from the Greek vine, which in turn would descend from the "aminee" vines cultivated in Faleria's horn (now Falerone).
Caractéristiques ampélographiques Leaf: medium-large or large, orbicular, quinquelobata; Profile of the wavy flap, with vesicular and bulky surface; Lobby revolutions; Petiole breast open to semi-closed, medium or very deep; Moderately deep side breasts, upper claws, lower ones with open V; Top loading green color page, fluffy lower face. Bunch: medium-large or large, cylindrical-conical, tight. Acino: medium, spheroidal; Pruinous peel, medium, thick, yellow-golden brown with brown scars; Very flashy navel.
Caractéristiques du vin obtenu à partir de ce cépage The wine obtained from the maceratin grape is of straw yellow, transparent. On the palate it is sapid, dry, light.

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