Lagarino bianco

Lagarino bianco

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Cépage Lagarino bianco
Synonymes Sghittarello, Chegarel (in Val di Cembra)
Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule blanche
Vigueur Bonne
Zones de culture Today this variety is present on small surfaces in multi-year vineyards (50-80 years) along the entire Cembra Valley. It was mainly cultivated for its high malic acidity for cutting musts and wines.
Histoire This vine has been present in the province of Trento for a long time, but its diffusion is limited. The historical areas where it is most widespread are mainly the Cembra Valley and the Valsugana in the surroundings of Pergine. In the cultivation areas it is also called the synonym Chegarel. This vine is also mentioned by some authors with the name Schittarella (Rauzi et al., 1974). The name probably derives from Val Lagarina, although there is no historical evidence to confirm its ancient cultivation in the lower Trentino region. According to some authors (Marchi, 1929), the name Lagarino should derive from the Italianization of the name Lagrein white.
Caractéristiques ampélographiques Sprout: apex with scarce creeping hairs at the ends, green is the dorsal and ventral side of the internodes. Leaf: pentagonal, with three lobes, of green color with an average blistering and absence of hairs on both pages. The petiolar sinus shows V-shaped and slightly open flaps. The lateral sinuses are open. Bunch: large cylindrical compact. Berry: large, spherical, green-yellow in color and neutral in taste.
Caractéristiques du vin obtenu à partir de ce cépage We obtain wines with a marked freshness, with light structures and high acidity. The aroma is floral-fruity with citrus and slightly spicy notes.
Notes Used mainly as a cutting wine due to its high acidity, it can also be offered in the sparkling version. In Val di Cembra from its pomace an excellent grappa is born.

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