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Synonymes lambrusco a foglia frastagliata, lambrusco nostrano.
Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule rouge
Vigueur Très bonne
Maturation Early in October.
Productivité Abundant and constant.
Zones de culture It is currently cultivated mainly in Trentino, Vallagarina and Veronese.
Histoire In antiquity, the variety was called Enantinae Uvae by Pliny the Elder and was highly regarded by the Romans for its healing properties. At the turn of the 19th Century it was planted widely in the countryside around Trentino, but, as was the case for many native Italian varieties, began to decline in popularity and consequently production in the later 20th Century. Renewed interest in the 1990s by local producers saw a return to form, bolstered by the return of the Enantio name, which had been previously shunned in favor of the oft-used Lambrusco title.
Caractéristiques ampélographiques Leaf: rather large, pentagonal, pentalobata. Bunch: medium, elongated, pyramidal, medium compact, with one or two wings. Acino: medium, sub-round, with thin skin, coriacea, of blue-black color, very pruinosa.

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