Coda di Pecora

Coda di Pecora

Vente de vins Autochtone - (Local)

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Cépage Coda di Pecora
Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule blanche
Espèces Autochtone
Vigueur Bonne
Zones de culture Campania
Histoire Cultivated in the past in the election area between Monte Maggiore and Roccamonfina, on which experiments have been underway for some years: in 1875 Frojo mentions it in his work on viticulture in Campani.
Caractéristiques du vin obtenu à partir de ce cépage A wine that bursts into the glass as one of the largest whites in the world. The bouquet is a triumph of flowers that intoxicates as in full spring. On the palate, its aromatic power is stunning: very sapid and a touch of mineral, in the end it offers ripe fruit with white flesh.

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Blanc biologique tranquille
Il Verro
IGT Terre del Volturno, 100% Coda di Pecora
12,50%, 0,75 l
Prix CHF 27,71
Économiser CHF 5,83 (21%)
CHF 21,88 TVA incl.

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