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Cépage Abrusco
Couleur raisin Raisin à pellicule rouge
Espèces Autochtone
Vigueur Modérée
Zones de culture Tuscany
Histoire The Abrusco vine is of ancient Tuscan origin and has a certain similarity with the Abrostine, especially of Vitis Lambrusca, also deriving from domestication of wild grapes of the area and present today only at the level of a few stocks in very limited areas province of Florence. It is part of the so-called "color vines", as well as the Colorino with which it often shares the cultivation.
Caractéristiques ampélographiques Leaf: medium, pentagonal, five-lobed. Cluster: medium size, pyramidal. Grape: small, spheroidal and blue-black.
Caractéristiques du vin obtenu à partir de ce cépage The wine obtained from the abrusco vine is ruby red in color. On the palate it is intense, fine, persistent.

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