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Domaine Bruno Colin

Domaine Bruno Colin

Buy wines Domaine Bruno Colin The company covers an area of ​​8 hectares and is distributed in the towns of Chassagne-Montrachet, Puligny-Montrachet, Saint - Aubin, Santenay and Maranges. Tenuta works every harvest strictly respecting the evolution of each lot cultivated, so that the wine will be the truest expression perfectly possible.

The oldest documents speak of Chassagne-Montrachet like an old Gallo-Roman city, entered in the cartulary of the abbey of Saint-Seine in 886, under the name of Cassaneas or Cassania. Its origin could derive from the etymology "small house" or "home of Cassius." With this old Gallic term would mean a place full of oak trees.

Chassagne endured the hardships of war between the Duchy of Burgundy and the Kingdom of France. THE village was destroyed in 1476, burned by the troops of Louis XI after his lord had embraced the cause of Mary of Burgundy, heiress of Charles the Bold. The village from the ashes (it must be said) under the action of François de Ferrières who built a chapel dedicated to St. Mark, the origin of the current church.

The monks of Cluny who founded the Priory Morgeot, understood the value of the land and and rimpiantarono screw already cultivated in 281 by the Roman Emperor Probus in the hamlet of Morgeot .. The first written records date back to the revolution lives on with February 24, 1791, when thanks the creation of the land registry is mentioned restructuring of the vineyard.

All this is told by Charles Paquelin, winemaker and historian, who has tracked these testimonies of the period 1789 to 1806. As for the name "Montrachet", is mentioned in the title of the Abbey of Maizières in 1252. It takes its name from its caratteristichedi "Bald Rock" where grows the box and a few other thorny shrubs.

A decree of November 27, 1879 authorizes the replacement of the name of Chassagne-le-Haut with Chassagne-Montrachet (pronounced "monrachet"). The term Haut (high) added to Chassagne not well interpetabile, because the country it is somewhat plain, while the name of the famous Montrachet vineyard remembers the environment that produced the first white wine in the world.

The name of Chassagne-Montrachet need to communicate so much of this great wine and then help with the knowledge.

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Domaine Bruno Colin
Chassagne-Montrachet (France)

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Producer Domaine Bruno Colin
Wine type White still
Region: Bourgogne
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol: 13.00% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
€ 84.18
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