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Tua Rita Merlot Redigaffi 2014

Tua Rita Merlot Redigaffi 2014

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0,75 l  -  15,00% vol.
Tua Rita
Merlot, harvested the first week of September, are vinified in wood for about 27 days and aged on the lees in French barrriques first pass for about 18 months. Bottled in early June is left to rest in the bottle for another six months before being sold. Matched with red meat and game dishes, can be considered a meditation wine, to be consumed at the end of a meal, perhaps accompanied with cheese.
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Name Tua Rita Merlot Redigaffi 2014
Weinsorte Rot ruhig
Klassifikation IGT Toscano o Toscana
Jahr 2014
Format 0,75 l Standard
Land Italien
Region Toskana
Rebsorte 100% Merlot
Weinbergenort: Suvereto (LI) - Toscana
Bodenuntersuchung The credit for this success, in addition to the favorable climate and soil characteristics, is due to the meticulous and constant commitment of the family, says that for years the standard of quality at all costs, which translates into a care and commitment almost obsessive, both in the vineyard and the cellar. Most of the operations in the vineyard, including hoeing, are performed by hand, while the straddle tractors are used for topping and the treatments that follow the principles of pest management.
Anbausystem All operations that are part of the production cycle of the vine are always under the supervision watchful eye of Virgil, who takes care that the vineyard is treated as a garden, with great respect the environment and nature.
Weinernte The grape harvest is done manually, after a first selection in the vineyard, the grapes are transported in crates and placed in a refrigerated cell.
Gärungstemperatur The product thus' selected is sent in conical tanks, all at a controlled temperature, according to traditional methods where it ferments for a period ranging from 25 to 30 days depending on the year, and sees the succession of many replacement and milling operations . After the fermentation is carried out a soft pressing, after which, by gravity, the wine is placed directly into the barrels found in the room below the cellar. At this point the actual selection of a vibrating ribbon, choice of grapes, and stemming, the grapes for most 'important, further selection of the best beans.
Produktionstechnik The barrel consists of two rooms separated by a sliding wall that allows you to maintain a higher temperature by heating the floor in the room used for malolactic fermentation, and lowest in those intended for aging. Here the wine will rest for about 18 months in medium toasted oak barrels before being bottled. A detail of this cellar is that all the barrels are placed on supports that allow you to rotate them in order to keep the wines on the lees with regular riddling.
Weinherstellung The consulting winemaker, present during all phases of wine, becomes valuable when deciding cuts: this is the moment they are born the great Redigaffi, the Just Notre, Syrah, as well as the Pearl of the Wood of Notre Rosso, the second wine produced by selection of wines most 'important. After this fascinating process goes bottling operation undertaken by the company through a mechanized line checking, washing and sterilizing the bottles. At this point the wine is bottled, labeled and boxed, ready to be exported to 55 countries around the world.
Verfeinerung French oak barrels - 18 months
Alkohol 15,00% Volumen
Produktionsjahr 9.000 Flaschen
Matching Matched with red meat and game dishes, can be considered a meditation wine, to be consumed at the end of a meal, perhaps accompanied with cheese.
Im Angebot Preis Tua Rita Merlot Redigaffi 2014 € 207,40  Mit mwSt

Tua Rita

Aus diesem Weinkellner:
Seit mehr als 30 Jahren ist das Weingut Tua Rita ein Familienunternehmen, das heute von Simena und Stefano Frascolla geführt wird. Tua Rita ist ein recht junges Weingut, das 1984 von dem Ehepaar Virgilio Bisti und Rita Tua gegründet wurde die hier im...
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